Prophet Tb Joshua Sermon



A child of destiny knows he is one with a difference. He always knows that here is the market and home is in Heaven. Consider the case of Joseph (Genesis 39-45). Joseph had three reasons why he did not yield to Potiphar’s wife’s temptation, give in to despair in the barren pit or lose hope in the filthy prison.
• He considered who he was
• He was a covenant child
• He was a child with a promise of God.

Joseph was a child of destiny and that was why when he was in the dry pit, he said to himself, ‘This is not where I belong’. A child of promise knows where he belongs. If you know where you belong, you would not allow anything to overwhelm you, manipulate you or dictate your direction. You would stay focused on the divine cause and course of God for your life and continue to run the straight race through God’s good grace.

If Joseph had been overwhelmed by his situation in the dry pit, he would have given in to despair. If he had been overexcited at the good treatment he received in the house of Potiphar, he would have given in to pleasure and pride. In other words, his dream would have died in him. Don’t let your dream die within you. There is something far more important than your present situation – your dream and goals in life.

PRAYER: Ask Jesus Christ to help you run the straight race through His good grace!

*This Sermon was taking from the official Facebook Page of the Ministry of Prophet TB Joshua


  1. my names are derrick Chomba, thank you very much prophert of God for the great encouregement i have recceived today may God bless you. others dont have legs, eyes , others are dump and deaf but when i look at my self am okey but maybe spiritually bound. i only enjoy the dreams that God shows me and seing them coming to pass in others peoples lives, then i say amen God you showed this one. now how can i see the man of God that you have been showing me, then i cry because i look at my life differ from others, all need is God I don’t care about but if I die today what will tell my master? all I need from you is a word of prophecy upon my life I berg you sir pliz!


  2. This is another excellent encouragement from our beloved Prophet T B Joshua and I pray that I will have strength enough to always remain steadfastly focused so that I will always reach the goal God has destined for me on each occasion. There is a moment by moment destiny (daily obedience) and there is the overall destiny (salvation) both of which we need to meet. The point with us often is that we have no full discernment of the Holy Spirit to guide us. Joseph had that spirit of discernment and a gift of Dream.

    I belueve that Prophet T B Joshua has very many gifts including the Spirit of Discerning; that he saw his destiny a far off. He has been recording his mission and ministry, part of which is to prove to us that he knows where God is sending him.

    Those of us that have come to believe in Prophet T B Joshua, it is also because the Spirit in us has confirmed to us that T B Joshua is a true Prophet of God. I always pray for this Spirit of Discerning and Sprit of Obedience to the Word of God. Joseph was able to go through his very difficult problem because of both the Spirit of Discerning and Obedience. May God fill me with this holy spirit in Jesus name. This is not part of the gift of the Holy Spirit but the spirit that each committed follower of Jesus Christ should have. He says if you love me (Jesus ) you will obey me. Obedience is not a gift but a duty. To obey him we must discern and know what he wants us to do each time.

    Thank you Prophet T B Joshua for your total commitment to the Word of God.


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