Tb Joshua sermon


The greatest thing satan aims at in tempting good people is to overthrow their position as children of God by cutting off their dependence on God. The devil aims to shake our faith in the Word and bring us to question the truth of the Word, saying, “He said, ‘Come to Me you that are sick and I will heal you’ but you are sick; where is healing? He said, ‘Come to Me you that are poor’ but you are still poor!” To be occupied by what we see is to exactly reverse the condition God laid down for us to follow. The condition – we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). This means that God has promised to respond to that which rests in His Word or promises. What rests in His Word? Faith rests in His Word. So, how do we rest in His Word in the midst of satan’s attack? We Christians, we live the Word, we do the Word, we act the Word, we trust implicitly in the Word. We know that God and His throne are backing up every Word. This gives a quiet and restful confidence. This brings in rest.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, Your Word is integrity itself. I trust my life to its provision. I do not stumble, fall or regret for my steps are ordered by the Word of God. #TB Joshua Sermon

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