Maria Sardina Tb Joshua healing Peru“I knew I had a demon within me,” Maria Sardina, a young Argentinian admitted. The cycle of backwardness, marital disappointment and spiritual apathy was all too much. “Every time I wanted to pray, I had nightmares where someone was tying me down to a bed,” she explained vividly, recounting how the nocturnal attacks would lead to paralysing fear and torment in the light of day.

Watching Prophet TB Joshua’s videos on YouTube in Buenos Aires, Mariana realised that she needed anointing from above to loose her from the demonic chains holding her down. “Immediately I found out Prophet TB Joshua was coming to Peru, I bought a ticket!”

As prayer was being offered for the thousands present in the Monumental Stadium, a strange force began shaking within Maria. “The demon started manifesting! I found myself screaming and rolling.” Exposed by the power of God, the wicked spirit confessed to the name of ‘Leviathan’ before being cast out. Ever since that day, a new chapter has begun for Maria.

“For the first time, I am able to read the Bible and praise the Lord freely without fear or torment. I can finally sleep,” she joyously testified. “I advise people who are unable to move forward or increase your relationship with God to look for deliverance because there are demons tying you down,” she candidly advised.

TB Joshua Ministries

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