morella-tb-joshua-healing-1A LITTLE GIRL’S TESTIMONY

At the tender age of seven, Morella’s life was filled with tears. An inexplicable medical condition left her knees deformed. Unable to play with her friends or lead the normal life of a little girl, Morella was forced to wear an uncomfortable pair of leg braces, attached to her tiny shoes.

“I used to fall down many times any time I walked,” she reminisced. “At school, the director called us to take her home because she used to fall down most of the time because of the pain in her knee,” her mum similarly recounted.

morella-tb-joshua-healing-3However, Morella’s mum was an avid viewer of Emmanuel TV and never gave up believing God would heal her little daughter. When she learned that Prophet TB Joshua was coming to Peru, her heart leapt with joy. “I was convinced God would heal my daughter!”

As Prophet TB Joshua began praying for Morella that day, the entire stadium was silent. When the young girl removed the huge leg braces and began to run, the crowd erupted! “I always believed God would heal me,” the little girl stated. “That day, I was able to stand up, walk and even run!”

Remarkably, Morella’s elder sister also received her healing from scoliosis, throwing away her lumbar corset! Since that day, the family has been walking in the light of their incredible testimony.

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