Tb Joshua healing Peru Alicia Miranda OrtizThe news left a lump in Miranda’s throat. It was the diagnosis feared by all – cancer.

Faced with the prospect of chemotherapy, Alicia Miranda Ortiz, a middle-aged Peruvian lay lifeless in bed for most of the day. Pain permeated throughout her abdominal region. “I had unbearable pain and constant diarrhoea,” she explained after doctors had diagnosed stomach cancer three months earlier.

“I could not eat and stand for a long time; I was just on the bed,” she recounted. With a lengthy treatment laying ahead of her with no definite proof of any lasting result, hope dwindled dramatically.

Tb Joshua healing Peru Alicia Miranda OrtizHowever, when Miranda’s son told her about a unique event that was soon to be held in Lima, she plucked up some courage. “My son told me about the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua and I decided to attend,” she said.

The experience she had that night was unforgettable! “During the Mass Prayer, the prophet was praying. I believed and I received my healing.” It was as simple as that – believing!

“I forgot my pain; I felt good and I started to eat,” she said, explaining what transpired the day after the prayer. Incredibly, she was able to eat freely and fully without the usual vomit and agony that would have accompanied attempting even half such an amount.

Since that day, Miranda has been walking and living freely – cancer free! “Believe in God. It doesn’t matter what sickness you have. Just believe and you will be healed,” she smilingly advised.

TB Joshua Ministries

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