peru crusades sophia healingSophia, afflicted by uterus cancer and weakened by arthritis, had been confined to her bed for many years, unable to do the activities she had once enjoyed. Treatment upon treatment and 20 tablets per day proved to be of no avail and the doctors could not offer her the hope of a cure. Tired and in pain, Sophia’s condition left her in a state of disappointment. “I feel like dying,” were the words that constantly plagued her mind.

peru crusades sophia healingOne fateful day, a good friend, Maria, had introduced her to Jesus Christ and Sophia’s life was never the same again. Sophia later heard of the Peru Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua through her friend, Maria. She believed that just one touch from the Holy Spirit through His anointed servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua, would be the end of her ailments. The night was full of life-changing moments, but none so altering as the miracle that was about to take place in her own life.

Just one touch was all it took for the miracle to take place. “I felt a force from Heaven pushing me to stand to my feet and walk.” Healing had taken place in the life of Sophia that very night. She returned to tell the world about the glory of God and her miraculous ability to walk again. From bedridden to healthy and strong. A million thanks are not enough to express the joy that Sophia has as she demonstrates her ability to walk.

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