healing mass prayer Tb Joshua peruDISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER!
Faith burned deeply within her. Although Sandi’s son was not physically present at the stadium, she knew that nothing could stand as a barrier to his healing.

Plagued with a hernia since birth, the wailing sound of a little child in agony regularly filled the Araujo home. At a tender age, Andrei was faced with the prospect of surgery to remove the growth protruding from his stomach.

healing mass prayer Tb Joshua peru“I went to different clinics and hospitals but all the doctors told us that the solution for my son is surgery, which was also risky,” Sandi explained.

Inspired by faith upon learning of Prophet TB Joshua’s coming to Peru, she decided to bring the picture of her son to the crusade. Holding it up that day, a Divine transference of power occurred as Prophet TB Joshua was ministering.

healing mass prayer Tb Joshua peru“When he touched the picture of my baby, I fell down and I knew that my baby was healed,” she declared. Arriving home that night, an incredible miracle unfolded before her very eyes!

“After the prayer, the hernia disappeared! My baby sleeps well and is no longer crying, meaning I also can sleep,” she excitedly testified. Truly, distance is NOT a barrier for the Holy Spirit!

TB Joshua Ministries

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