peru crusades Margot Roque Feijo healingA combination of rheumatoid arthritis and pulmonary fibrosis made life almost unbearable for Margot Roque Feijo for the best part of 20 years. Pain and agony were her constant companions and limitation had become part and parcel of her daily life. Various treatments and therapies were attempted through the years by various medical professionals but none could heal her. “It was only a temporary help”, confessed Margot, who had become extremely frustrated with life. “I could not do anything by myself anymore. My sister did everything for me” she recounted with tears as she remembered the heavy toll the sicknesses had placed on her.

Her condition deteriorated to the point that 4 years ago, she was instructed to use a wheelchair. Then, it was a total dependency. “I could not even go to the bathroom and urinate properly due to the pain!” said Margot.

peru crusades Margot Roque Feijo healingOn hearing of T.B. Joshua’s upcoming visit to Peru, Margot’s faith and hope began to rekindle. She had the opportunity to attend the Crusade at the Monumental Stadium in Lima. Her miracle happened swiftly and assertively. In her own words: “When the mass prayer was going on, when Prophet T.B. Joshua said, ‘Stand up’ I instantly felt an energy surging through me and I stood up! It was as if something was pushing me. Now, I can walk freely without any pain.”

Ever grateful, Margot thanked God for giving her another opportunity to continue her life without restrictions. She gave a poignant word of advice: “Have faith and believe. You should all have faith to stand up from your sickness as I had faith that day!”

Margot’s sister, Caroline could not hold her tears as she testified to the dramatic change in her sister’s life. “I was shocked to see her standing up by herself in the mass prayer. I began to shake with happiness” said Carolina. “Now, she can walk without assistance and she no longer vomits and coughs. I praise Jesus, her Healer!”

TB Joshua Ministries

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