Tb Joshua healing Peru AndresIt was a double blessing for the Andres family at the Peru Crusade with T.B. Joshua.

Both husband and wife had found themselves uncannily afflicted. Maria had succumbed to the reality that she would live in pain the rest of her life. A series of accidents several years earlier left damage to her neck and back which were medically irreparable.

“Because of the pain, I couldn’t even take a shower,” she recalled. “I had a business but had to quit because I couldn’t work. I couldn’t deal with it!” Multiple hospital visits and treatments yielded a depressing conclusion “I spent a lot of money visiting doctors but they said there was no cure for this problem and with the passing of years, I would end up in a wheelchair.”

Tb Joshua healing Peru AndresHowever, an ember of hope was fanned when Maria learned of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s upcoming crusade in Peru. The prayer she received that day was life-changing! “Immediately, I felt like my neck was straightened by someone. The pain that I felt before the prayer disappeared – just like that!”

Tb Joshua healing Peru AndresMaria came to the crusade using a medical walker but returned walking freely! She has not stopped walking since! “Now, I can walk, take a shower by myself and take care of myself. People should trust in God because He is healing people through this ministry.

Her husband, Jose was equally struck with arthrosis. “It was unbearable; the pain basically crippled my entire body, however, ” said Jose, wincing as he remembered. “I went to so many hospitals and therapists but nothing worked.” Jose was eventually given a crutch to aid his movement which had become increasingly more painful as the days and years dragged by.

The agony, however, ended in an instant when Jose received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua at the Peru Crusade. “I felt something like fire flowing through my entire body and I began to walk freely” recounted Jose.
Now, Jose can walk smoothly and climb stairs effortlessly.

He joyfully concluded: “Belief in Christ as your Healer – He is the same – yesterday, today and forever!”

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