The disturbing trend of Consistent Fake News

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What a world of propaganda and deceitful media, where things seem to be fallen apart and where half truth mixed with lies has taken over the media conglomerate? The adage “The pen is mightier than the sword” has been used to convey truth even in the face of deceitful might and tyranny. But it seems this adage is no longer the watchword of modern journalism due to the lies and deceit now spread by them. Is there still news worth believing? Where are those journalists and news media that still keep to the ethics of their profession?

Some journalists now sell their pens to the highest bidder, thereby overlooking the ethics of their profession. They are willing to poison the will of truth, spread lies across the social media for the sake of money and to those they hold allegiance to.

In recent times, many public figures have come out to speak about the alarming global rate of fake news and warned about the detrimental effects it has on the society. Consequently, this seemingly unpleasant global scenario has uncontrollably eaten deep into the fabrics of modern Journalism. The truth is that the big-shots in the media industries are those that are really involved in this sheer condemning and reprimanding act, thus disregarding the intended consequences on the entire populace.

Who are those benefiting from this fake news? What can be done by the world governing body and the officials of social media like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google and others in regulating and minimising the spread of fake news? Those of good conscience have to take adequate measure to arrest and sanitise this ugly phenomenon before it gets out of hand; they have to save and restore the lost glory of the media and help their reputation.

The bad eggs in the media profession have allowed their personal interests to ruin the profession that supposed to be the pinnacle of truth and enlightenment. The truth is that many are now in doubt of a number of news published by the media; people are now sceptical of what comes out of these world media conglomerate.

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T.B Joshua’s Ministry is the greatest Victim of Fake News

The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua remains the greatest victim of fake news. Today, about 99% of the news out there concerning his ministry is either absolutely false or half-baked truth. There are blogs with high Google rankings, Facebook pages and other social media platforms that are specifically dedicated to spreading fabricated lies and fake news about the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. It is now difficult for many to accept as truth any news from the media about SCOAN and Prophet T.B Joshua because the fake news has taken over the media space.

For example, the so-called information sites, Sahara Reporter knew for their general anti-people tendencies claimed among their numerous defamation and sponsored article again the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, that the Prophet bought an expensive private jet, using offensive headline and hate tone in the fake news report, this is a news site that has never for once report the charitable works of the Prophet or the millions of healings that take place in the SCOAN. Even when they were caught in their private jet lies, they never apologised. Till date, the fake news made-up by Sahara reporter is still being believed and accepted by many. What of the BBC News crew that went on an espionage mission into the SCOAN London branch with secret cameras and recording devices, then came out with their own fabricated HIV/AIDs death news about SCOAN discouraging patients from taking their medications. This news was absolutely false as there were no names or faces of the alleged deceased or any concrete proof to back up their claims. They even went as far as creating the impression that the Prophet was against medical healing. We hope they could still redeem their reputation again with an apology.

What of the fake news by Punch News which claimed three lives were lost in a stampede at the end of the year, 2016 SCOAN crusade? This falsehood went viral on social media, thus drawing the attention of the Lagos state government and the police for an investigation. We can go on and on. What about many other big-shot news outlets that derived joy in spreading thousands of slanderous and hateful reports about Prophet T.B. Joshua and his ministry especially during the SCOAN’s building collapse.

The world and its established institutions need to be sincere and take an intensive approach in addressing this issue of fake News if indeed we want to put an end to its spread because everyone knew those news media behind this fake news and it seems nobody can do anything about it. We hope that in time to come, honesty and credibility would be restored to the global media profession.

2 thoughts on “The disturbing trend of Consistent Fake News

  1. My Dear Prophet, Prophet TB Joshua,

    When God sent one Mr Jonas to Ninive and he refused, what happened to the boat he was in? What happended to him next ? He found himself in the belly of a big fish. Finally, he was obliged to go to the destination where God wanted him to go.

    Therefore, My Dear Prophet, go on leastening to Your GOD, THE REAL GOD, for
    “we are many who are in life today JUST BECAUSE YOU ACCEPTED THE CALL OF GOD THE ALMIGHTY”.
    I am serious and sincere. WE ARE MANY.

    Are they witnesses of the Commission God Almighty gave you? Why do they want to be your advisors not to go to where God dicides to send you to? “We Manys” have neither “no eyes of our own” nor “no ears of our own” to see or to hear God. Your eyes are our eyes, your ears are our ears.

    “Move no limit” if this is the Will of the AlMighty God.
    “Prophet TB Joshua, whereever you go” we will reach you, we will be with you.

    God with us


  2. No weapon formed against you shall ever prosper. Those who are with you are more than those who are against you. Be courageous you will overcome all this.



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