Breathing. Something we so often take for granted. Yet something so vital. If anyone knew how precious each breath is, it’s Graciela de Jesus Falcon. For 25 long years, the Paraguayan national struggled to breathe.

Bogged down by asthma complicated by several debilitating allergies, she was often left desperately gasping for air as the disease severally reduced her to a state of being bedridden. A cocktail of drugs was her daily companion, the side effects of such leaving her stomach in tatters. A breathing machine was prescribed by the doctors as the older Graciela became, the worse her lungs grew.

Having discovered Prophet T.B. Joshua’s ministry through YouTube, hope welled within her heart when she learned the incredible news of his impending crusade in Asuncion. As the date neared, so did her expectation of the impossible! “When the man of God prayed for me, I felt a burning sensation in my chest,” Graciela recalled of the moment she received prayer. The lightning power of God was burning away all traces of asthma in her damaged system!

“Immediately after the prayer, I began to breathe freely and without any discomfort,” the Paraguayan joyfully explained. “Ever since T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I have never used the breathing machine or inhaler. I can breathe, sleep and do everything normally! ”

Graciela’s advice to everyone is clear and simple: “God is using His servant T.B. Joshua as an instrument of healing. Put your trust in Jesus and He will do the impossible in your life!” Truly, faith sees the invisible, believes the impossible and receives the incredible!

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