tb joshua scoan“See you after school mum! I love you,” said the sweet little girl as she heaved her heavy school bag over her shoulder and ran off into the playground. Her mother could never have expected the complications this seemingly ordinary act would have in her daughters life! Years later, with her back aching unbearably, she was taken to the hospital where the doctors discovered she had severe scoliosis of the spine.

As if the back problem she had was not enough, Miss Leofanys Tejada also had an acute problem with her adenoid glands which made her suffer difficulties in breathing. The problem seemed to be generic as her mum was a victim of fibromyalgia. This led to intense pain all over her body, coupled with three herniated discs in her spine. The problem affected both her arm, hands, knees and neck. She needed a neck collar to sleep at night, had an arm sling and wore braces on both her knees to alleviate the pain just a little.

With no other solution offered to the family than a risky surgery, they discovered the Crusade with Prophet TB Joshua and attended. On the prayer line, just a touch of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ brought the power of God on the scene and the years of debilitating pain were brought to a sudden end. Both fell to the ground under the heavy presence of the anointing of God and as they rose to their feet, their braces and supports were removed from them and they started twisting, turning and praising Jesus Christ for His perfect healing in their lives.

Now, both testified to sleeping well without any device or supports or sedative medication they had relied on for so many years and were able to do everything they had been unable to do for many years. Their advice was simple: “Give God time to perfect His plan in your life and when He moves, follow Him with all your heart, because if you don’t have faith, no matter what you do, you can’t please God.”

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