Prophet TB Joshua

“If we expect God to answer our prayers, there must be nothing knowingly unrighteous in our lives, in respect to the things for which we are praying. A wrong attitude toward sin will effectually hinder prayer. In Psalm 66:18, the psalmist says, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.” To regard iniquity in the heart, means that there is some sort or degree of sympathy with sin or respect for sin. It may take the form of indulgence in doubtful things on the plea that there is no harm in this or that. The person arguing in this way does so, not from a sense of right and wrong, but rather from a desire for the thing.

When satan keeps you sinning, he has right over you. If satan has any right over you, it is as a result of sin – because sin brings reproach. He has control over you. For example, many of us used to dream and understand our dreams but now opposite is the case. If we have to dream today, we dream of having sex with strange partners and all other kinds of nightmare. This is an indication that our spiritual life is falling.

If we are to regain our former spiritual alertness, we have to discover where we have missed the mark. Because satan has nothing on us, as long as we recognise the righteousness of God in Christ. It is only the spiritual man who can endure – who can go on; the natural man will give in – I mean, surrender.

Spiritual alertness is another necessary principle for prayer warfare. The mind is the watchman. If he sleeps, the wily foe – clever enemy takes the opportunity to attack. The mind plays an important part in prayer. It is therefore most essential that it should be made spiritual, in order that it should be at its best for God.” – T.B. Joshua

2 thoughts on “WATCH AND PRAY!

  1. Thanks papa for alerting me in this manner
    Am humbled to you in Jesus Christ name
    Pray for me to be strong about rejecting evils power in Jesus Christ name
    Pray for me to have wisdom and knowledge to understand the power word of God and proclaim it unbelievers
    Help me papa in Jesus Christ name


  2. Oh Lord, give me the grace to live above sin, and please disconnect me from every sin of the past that is holding my future down in Jesus Name, Amen.
    God of Prophet TB Joshua give me the grace to reject evil power over my life because it is only You can do this for me and cancel every fleshly thought in my heart in Jesus Name, Amen.

    Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer.


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