tb joshua scoan

Prophet TB Joshua

“As a young man, I have the opportunity to see some old men who are doing what they ought to have done when they were younger because I have had the grace to see the good and the bad. What do I mean by the good? I mean those who are obedient to God’s Word. Now I am a young man, I continue to ask myself what kind of old man I would like to be. Those who are doing what they ought to have done earlier (when they were young), failed to plant good seeds for their future.

“Following this principle, I continue to sow in life, conscious to always plant good seeds. With this consciousness, no evil can overpower me. They can only test me but not destroy me. Why they cannot destroy me is that I never plant their seeds. Remember, their seed is wrong seed, which is sin – hatred, jealousy, anger, idolatry, immorality and the like. These are what I mean by wrong seeds. Whoever plants these seeds will reap their fruits. Whoever plants wrong seeds will reap sickness, disease, poverty and affliction because whatever a man sows, that he reaps (Galatians 6:7).”

– Prophet T.B. Joshua

3 thoughts on “PLANT GOOD SEEDS

  1. Oh Lord, give me the grace to plant a good seed now that i am young so that i shall reap it when i am old, in Jesus name, Amen


  2. Senhor Deus, tambem dá-me discernimento sabedoria, graça e um coracao segundo a tua vontade e plantar boas sementes mesmo agora que sou de mais idade para que eu possa fazer o bem e teu querer em nome de jesus


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