scoan tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“Let me tell you a short story about my life. When I was younger, I was busy licking my thumb. My parents did everything to stop me from sucking my thumb, without success, because the sucking of my thumb had already become my second nature. This kept me to myself. My thumb was my only friend, no one else was. For this, I was isolated by my mates. It was this isolation that preserved me for what I am today. This means, isolation can also preserve one.

“Apostle Paul said, ‘I am content with weakness for Christ’s sake.’ Why should anyone be content with weakness for Christ’s sake? This is because His strength is made manifest in our weakness. A good example of this is David’s encounter with Goliath. The weakness of David made manifest the strength of God. The weakness of David was what demonstrated the strength of God. If David had matched up strength to strength, weapon to weapon, stature to stature with Goliath, the glory of God would not be made manifest in his defeat of Goliath. In our weakness, the strength of God is made manifest. When we are weak, it is then that the strength of the hand that is protecting us would be made manifest in our victory.”

– T.B. Joshua

2 thoughts on “STRENGTH IN WEAKNESS!

  1. Goodmorning Man of God. Thank you so much for such an encouraging words of wisdom. It is by God grace that you were sent here on earth to teach us more about God and to understand the truth about God. I am what I am today because of your teachings. May God bless you and your family. Goodmorning Makinah


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