Prophet TB Joshua

“Are you easy to get along with? Do you have a good relationship with your spouse, friends or the people around you? If you have, then you probably are not guilty of the following behaviours:

1) Criticizing instead of praising

2) Using insensitive words

3) Neglecting others

4) Making jokes at another’s expense

5) Not listening

6) Refusing to admit wrong

7) Being rude

8) Belittling others opinions

9) Not bothering if what you say hurts or injures your neighbour’s feelings.

– You who say anything without considering other’s feelings cannot maintain relationships.

10) Not bothering about carrying people along – being self-centred.


These kinds of behaviours will wreck relationships and hinder the healing of past hurts.

For a good example of the way to strengthen relationships, read Apostle Paul’s short letter to Philemon. The subject is Onesimus, Philemon’s slave who had stolen from him and fled to Rome. There, Onesimus met Paul who led him to a saving knowledge of Jesus. The letter was Paul’s kind, compassionate appeal to Philemon to accept Onesimus back – no longer as a slave, but as a brother in Christ.

It is a great example of love in action – love in Christ. Although Onesimus deserved Philemon’s punishment, Paul called him a son. In Philemon 1: 10, Paul referred to Philemon as a beloved brother. In verse 16, he also referred to Onesimus as a dearest son to Philemon, saying that he would repay whatever he had stolen.

Paul knew how to restore a strained relationship. Do we know how to restore strained relationships? Are you easy to get along with? If not, take an example from Philemon. As wealthy as Philemon was, he was easy to get along with. He knew what it takes to maintain a good relationship with others.”

– T.B. Joshua


  1. The lesson here is that we should not be too hard on those who offend us.We should cultivate a spirit of forgiveness.


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