tb Joshua scoanIf you read the about the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:30-36, you would realise that Jesus Christ has actually called us as Christians to respond to all human needs, for that is what love entails.

Jesus Christ values our little effort to honour Him when it is done in truth, humility and faith. No matter how small, how little, when you present it in humility, cheerfulness, Jesus honours it. Look at your contribution to others as an assignment from God. When you see whatever you are doing as an assignment from God, you cannot afford to fail God. You will always do the right thing. The Bible says that whatever you do to your neighbour or fail to do, that you do unto God. Every person God created is a solution to a problem. No matter your level in life, you are a solution to a problem. When you begin to see life in this light, you will always overcome, you will become successful.

Jesus Christ was bread to the hungry, a roadmap to the lost, water to the thirsty, a companion to the lonely. Whatever is your gift, that is what the Lord will use to bless others through you. What is your gift? No matter how small, you can still share with others who need your gift. Thousands want to change. They just don’t know how to go about it. Successful people are simply problem solvers. No matter your level in life, you are a solution to a problem. This means you are created for a purpose.

PRAYER: God, give me Your eyes to find those who need me and how I can identify with those who need me the most, in Jesus’ name.

One thought on “DO A LITTLE GOOD – T.B. Joshua

  1. Amen, Amen. Dear Prophet Joshua, since I put myself in to Watching The EMMANUEL TV and Prayer along with you, my attitude have completely changed, I am healed too, free and very happy, so many changes, I have a totally Peace with God and I am absolutely able to obey God and be obedient to His Written Words and so doing Them in every moment of my daily life, even I still have a very severe financial crisis and very struggle for afford anything else but that is not my sadness or worried, I have indeed inner peace, happy and strength in Christ Jesus. Dear Prophet Joshua, I follow your Teaching of Faith, so strength me, encourages me and empower me that is why I able to obey God and obey His Commandments and be a doer now and forevermore. Yes, even how little I have I always share or give to others who are in needy and I give with cheerful heart and I didn’t wait for the persons to thank me. I will always share and give to others continuously until the end of my life, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    I want to give to the SCOAN and I can send the amount through the WESTERN UNION, it is the only way I can do it, but I can’t send the amount through the Donation line because I really don’t have debit card and credit card that is why I can’t do it.
    I really wanted to give to the SCOAN so the Church can give to the right people who are truly in needy, through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.


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