T.B. Joshua Names Man of the Year

scoan tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

A non-denominational group, Christian-to-Christian Network (CCN) has declared the Founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B. Joshua, as its Man of the Year for 2018, citing his contributions to humanity.

In a statement by its National President, Pastor Ifeanyi Odili, the group said Joshua, apart from continually helping the less-privileged, had also boosted the Nigerian economy through the influx of foreigners to the SCOAN in Lagos, to obtain spiritual benefits.

“After a thorough assessment of church leaders in the country for the year gone by, we are overwhelmed enough to conveniently declare that Pastor T.B Joshua is our Man of the Year among Nigerian clerics for 2018.

“This is simply due to the fact that he keeps giving back to the society what the society gave to the Church. He has entrenched the original practice of the Church of the olden days, which took care of the needy, the less-privileged, and the weak among the brethren.

“During festivities, Joshua would gather the poor and distribute bags of rice, vegetable oil, clothing, and cash sums to those who ordinarily felt forsaken.

This is aside from giving scholarship, digging bore-holes for indigent rural dwellers, and empowering widows to be self-sustaining.

“Besides, we are also impressed with his continuous assistance to Nigerian emigrants in Libya, who are trapped under slavery and are in need of a helping hand to come back home and resettle,” the CCN said.

The body thus urged other men of God to take a cue from Joshua, “especially those who set up universities and other educational institutions that children of the less-privileged in their respective churches cannot attend, owing to exorbitant tuition fees.”






3 thoughts on “T.B. Joshua Names Man of the Year

  1. Although I don’t know this organization called “Christian to Christain Network” but their decision for Prophet T. B. Joshua and SCOAN to be honored seems ok. Again they are using physical parameters to assess spiritual development in world affairs. Giving arms, helping the less privileged, the widows etc, is not just a new set of projects for SCOAN or our Prophet T. B. Joshua and his disciples in 2018. From the very beginning these are the results of his faith. It is this “big faith” that should be emphasized much more in christaindom today.

    In year 2018 I personally wrote to thank and acknowledge our Prophet T. B. Joshua for raising new prophets, evangelists, possibly others that will be running effective congregations that would produce results for Christ purpose and missions in years ahead. This area to me should have been the major focus of seminary studies for next generation.

    Of course because of a T. B. Joshua in Nigeria, the map of Nigeria is known worldwide, because of a T. B. Joshua Nigeria needs to open up more foreign embassies and consulate offices overseas to answer requests of intending visitors.

    We thank this group but we pray the group would work together to put the emphasis on spiritual growth, teaching balanced Christ’s doctoring, leading the society that is now on jet speed but heading only to the bottomless pit back to salvation.


  2. Throughout the Scriptures, we see clear proof that God can use any medium to express Himself:

    In Acts 19:11-12, God used the medium of Paul’s handkerchief and aprons to heal the sick.
    In Exodus 14:16, God used the medium of Moses’ staff to split the Red Sea.
    In Acts 3:6, God used the voice of His servants, Peter and John to raise a crippled man.
    In 2 Kings 5:14, God used the medium of a dirty river to heal Namaan.
    In Acts 2:1-2, God expressed Himself through the medium of sound at the time of Pentecost

    In 1 Samuel 17:49, God used David’s catapult to defeat the giant Goliath.
    In John 9:6-7, Jesus used mud and saliva to heal a blind man.
    In Acts 5:15-16, God used the medium of Peter’s shadow to heal the sick.

    One of the mediums He is using in The SCOAN is the New Morning Water. According to T.B. Joshua, “By using the New Morning Water, you are symbolically setting yourself apart for Jesus Christ’s special attention as you pray in faith. I mean, you are positioned for mercy, favor, healing, deliverance, blessing, prosperity and fruitfulness. It is not the New Morning Water that heals the sick but Jesus Christ Himself. There must be faith both in the person praying and in the person being prayed for. Prayer must proceed from and be accompanied with a lively faith. It is this that brings about the healing, not New the Morning Water.
    ( scoanteam.post@gmail.com


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