God is the Owner of the Universe

The predicament and division in our world today confirm the human inability to properly handle its own affair without the creator of the universe.

Regardless of the fact that we claim we are civilized and made up of refined minds. I ask:

What is the rationale behind a human being, seeing one of our kind as not worthy of is love and compassion?

What is the rationale behind a foreign government going to format trouble in another nation? Leading to killing, stealing and destruction and they will be so happy and comfortable about it.

What is the rationale behind you just hating someone and then going to any leant just to see the downfall of that person, simply because you are not in tune with the person?

What is the rationale behind powerful nations spending billions and trillions of dollars doing intensive research to manufacture weapons of man’s destruction just to kill their fellow human being?

If God should open our eyes to see what our government are spending our taxpayer’s money on, one will wonder if mankind is simply working and planning towards his own extinction.

All these are evidence of a dysfunctional world.

What is the answer to the world healing?

God is the answer!

It is time for the world to go back to the manufacturer – the creator of the universe.

The human race is malfunctioning because we have turned our back against the creator. Nothing can function well if it disconnected from its source. Many in the world has disconnected from God – the source of humanity and we have to connect back for the sake of the healing of our spirit and soul.

What will make a human, created in grace and dignity – in the image and likeness of God, bring himself so low in an intimate sexual relationship with a lower animal like a dog? That is a sign of a malfunctioning product. We all know what is going on in the world. Are we talking about the homosexuals and the transgenders? These are proof of a dysfunctional world. And these are few of many reasons why the world needs to embrace the Man in the Synagogue.

Prophet T.B. Joshua is an embodiment of God’s grace. The ministry of the SCOAN has continued to demonstrate to the world that there is a redemptive power in the Name of Jesus Christ.

This present generation is so fortunate to have a Prophet, in the person of T.B. Joshua that has direct access to God.  A Prophet that can see what is going on in the invisible and bring it out to the visible world.

When we ignore God and His Prophet, we are simply allowing our self to become victims of the devices of Satan. The truth is that the devil, in his canny ways is the force behind the world present predicament.

Satan has continued to use his demonic influences to bring strives amongst the human race. For the reason that he is invisible, and you don’t believe in his existence does not mean he is not their going about his evil enterprise.

This generation still has the chance to do the right thing. We still have the chance to embrace God. The Prophet is still present in our midst. Pride will lead us to no good except destruction. The scripture said we should test all spirit, while not test the God in the Synagogue.

Choose this day whom to embrace. Let’s embrace redemption and not curse. Let’s embrace peace and not strive. And let’s embrace love and not hate. There is still hope and Jesus is the only hope for the total freedom of the human race. REMAIN BLESSED IN JESUS’ NAME! AMEN.

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