France 2017 Election: How T.B. Joshua Prophesy Emmanuel Macron Victory (Video)

Near the end of The SCOAN Live Service on Sunday 7th May 2017, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke concerning the 2017 French Presidential Elections, specifically prophesying a victory for Emmanuel Macron over Marine Le Pen. These were his words:

“In Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Give thanks to God. There is so much uproar in the French speaking country. We look at the two candidates. For me, [I consider] immigrants, refugees – because my Father in Heaven was once a refugee too. So, we pray for any one of them who supports refugees – like Emmanuel Macron. We are praying for him and our prayer will answer! It is prayer that will put him there, not anything – because of his heart for refugees and immigrants. Half of this world are immigrants and refugees. Where will they go? I am not a politician. I pray every day for Emmanuel Macron because of what he believes. What he believes is what my Father in Heaven believes. We will see what we can do to protect these refugees and immigrants. For many of them, it is not their will to leave their country; it is war. When there is war, you run helter-skelter – anywhere you know you can run to. We know there are some bad people among the refugees. But we cannot say because there are some bad people that we reject all of them. No. I am not saying you should pray for him. Me – I am praying for him, Emmanuel Macron, because of what he believes. I listened to his profile – his belief about refugees and immigrants. Today is declaration. We are not playing politics in the Church.”

TB Joshua Ministries

TB Joshua’s Warning to the Superpower Nations on the Fight in Syria


“The fight in Syria will provoke other fights… What is on the ground now is a devil’s workshop.”

On Sunday 8th April 2017, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied, “I want us to lift up our voice and pray this coming Thursday. Whatever that will happen that will cause a conflict between the superpower nations. Because I see a situation where one will tempt the other and that will provoke the whole thing. This coming Thursday. Please, raise up your voice and begin to pray. Pray that God should hold their temper, no matter the temptation from the other side, to another country. The other country they tempted should hold its temper – and should not be provoked to retaliate. Then, if they retaliate – well, me and you – our fate is hung. This coming Thursday, Friday – pray that whatever that will happen that will cause any nation, one of the super-nations to be provoked, to retaliate – the Lord should hold their temper. No matter what happens, hold your temper.

“Father, You are the Lord that created all things. You can loose, You can bind. Whatever that will happen this coming Thursday and Friday, that will cause other nations to be tempted to lose their temper… If one is tempted, it’s attack. And the other may lose their temper; that is it. Father, hold their temper. Let them be calm; we ask for calmness. We ask for calmness, in the name of Jesus Christ! This is what I saw in 2015 and 2016. I said, “The fight in Syria will provoke other fights. This coming Thursday and Friday are key days. Please fast from morning until 12noon. I know all the nations and people that watch Emmanuel TV. When it happens, they will say, ‘Ah, this man said we should hold our temper’. For the sake of peace, for the sake of harmony in the world. What is on the ground now is a devil’s workshop. The foundation for a devil’s workshop is on the ground. God will intervene.”

TB Joshua Ministries

America drops ‘Mother of All Bombs’ on Afghanistan – T.B. Joshua’s Prophecy

MOABThe world has reacted with shock to the announcement that USA used its largest non-nuclear weapon for the first time in an attack targeting ISIS forces in Afghanistan on Thursday evening.

U.S. forces used a GPS-guided GBU-43 bomb, which is 30 feet long, weighs a staggering 21,600 pounds and has been described as the ‘Mother Of All Bombs.’

A crater left by the blast is believed to be more than 300 meters wide after it exploded six feet above the ground. Anyone at the blast site was vaporized and all living creatures within a 1.7 mile radius of the blast are not expected to survive.

Followers of Nigerian ‘Prophet’ T.B. Joshua were quick to point out that last Sunday 9th April 2017, the cleric had warned of an incident that would occur on Thursday which would “cause conflict” between the super-power nations.

“I want us to lift up our voices and pray this coming Thursday – whatever that will happen that will cause a conflict between the super-power nations,” Joshua told his congregation and viewers on Emmanuel TV.

“I see a situation where one will tempt the other – and that will provoke the whole thing,” he continued in the prediction.

“This coming Thursday and Friday, pray that whatever that will happen that will cause one of the super- nations provocation to retaliate, the Lord should hold their temper. We ask for calmness, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Joshua then instructed his congregants to observe a period of prayer and fasting on the days mentioned. “The foundation for a devil’s workshop is on the ground,” he solemnly noted.

His prophecy comes on the backdrop of another prophetic message in January 2016 in which he called for prayers for North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, stating that he saw an ‘arrow’ being released from North Korea with global repercussions.

Tensions are at an all-time high in the Korean peninsula with news of an imminent nuclear test by North Korea amidst President Donald Trump’s assertion he would “solve” the North Korean problem, with or without the assistance of China.

Ihechukwu Njoku – freelance Nigerian journalist  

VIDEO: How TB Joshua Prophecy the Botswana Earthquake

BOTSWANA EARTHQUAKE PROPHECY  TB JoshuaOn Sunday 19th February 2017, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a prophecy concerning an impending natural disaster in Southern Africa, specifically mentioning the nation of Botswana.

He said, “I am seeing some natural disasters like wind – bad wind coming from the sea – bad nature – natural disaster that will destroy many things, that will move from one country to another. Let us rise up and pray for Southern Africa – moving from countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana and some areas there. In Jesus Christ’s name we pray.”

On Monday 3rd April 2017, the strongest earthquake ever recorded in the nation of Botswana struck in a remote region. The magnitude 6.5 quake’s epicentre was nearly 250 km (155 miles) northwest of the capital Gaborone at a depth of 12 km (7 miles). Tremors were also felt in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and even as far away as Angola.

We thank God that no lives were reportedly lost in this natural disaster.

Bellow is the Prophetic Video to the Southern Africans:

Video: Terrorist Attack – How T.B. Joshua Warned the United Kingdom 

tb joshua uk attack

T.B. Joshua Prayed for the United Kingdom

The wise takes to heart and act to prevent that which comes as a warning from God’s servant to his people.

On Sunday 22nd May 2016, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a prophetic warning to the United Kingdom. “Pray for the United Kingdom – I am seeing some funny people in their country… I am seeing with prayer and their proper security, it will be aborted – but there will be a sign and a trace that this happened. It will not happen the way it was supposed to have happened – but they will know something happened there.”

He continued the prophecy on Sunday 19th June 2016, three days after the murder of British MP Jo Cox. “It is not yet over. They should pray and make sure they secure their lawmakers and their institution.”

We pray that God would strengthen and console the family members of the victims who lost their lives in the tragic terror attack that occurred in London on 22nd March 2017.

Bellow is the Video of the Prophetic warning to the people and government of the United Kingdom:

How T.B. Joshua Prophesied the Florida Airport attack, Warn On Domestic Flight Danger

tb joshua scoan

During the live Sunday Service, January 8, 2017, Prophet TB Joshua warned Nigerians to pray against danger on their domestic flight. Just as he confirmed through one of the SCOAN foreign workers how he Prophesied the American Florida airport attack.

On the danger of the Nigerian domistic flight, the renowned Prophet said what he is seeing concerning one of the domestic flight is worrisome and he has been praying about it.

According to him they should not manage any aircraft or decide to fly more than the number of flights schedule per day due to pressure from customers because he sees danger in the air. He stated that the reason he has not released his predictions for the year was as a result of the terrible negative ones he saw and has been praying to avert them. According to him, he is more concern about the danger on the nation’s local flight because most passengers aboard the airlines comes to the Synagogue. And the devil wants to play a funny game .

” I encourage you to pray Thursdays and Fridays because I see people stranded in the airport and due to pressure I see an airline lifting people hurriedly without checking the condition of the airline. And it’s danger but when we watch and pray it would be averted” Furthermore , he revealed that he informed one of his daughters from America in SCOAN three weeks ago that he saw the attack on America airport.

The American lady, Angela , who was around, corroborated the story that indeed he called her three weeks ago and told her he saw an attack at the airport. In his words, the Prophet said that people no longer believe in prophets or prophecies which is the work of the devil.

We hope those in the Nigeria aviation sector takes this Prophecy of warning seriously in other to avert the imminent danger.

Would T.B. Joshua’s 2017 Prophecy Be Taken Seriously?

tb Joshua usa election

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Compliment of the season to all our readers. It is our utmost pleasure and thanks to God that we, the publishers and you, our faithful readers made it till the end of yet another wonderful year.  As year 2016 comes to an end, the coming year is filled with high hopes and expectations. However, the New Year will be well prepared for and better off if we know God’s plans for us. The Holy Bible makes us understand that God told Noah He would destroy the world with flood; this warning from God helped Noah to work towards God’s instructions, by building the ark that made him and others who listened to God’s warning escape the unforeseen occurrence. This is why Prophecy is important for everyone because it prepares us ahead of time to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

It is barely a year, since Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied concerning the year 2016. The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua is well known for its accurate Prophetic utterances and warning on critical issues about individuals, nations, and the world. Few months after his 2016 Prophecy, the forewarned events began to unfold, confirming the accuracy of his Prophecies. The man of God gave numerous advice and warning to nations and leaders of the world. He foretold that:

  • There will be a large scale food scarcity and advised the world especially, African countries to go back to Agriculture.
  • The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has good intentions for his country but he would do  everything possible to reject the revaluation of the Nigerian currency.
  • There will be excess rainfall in some parts of the world while others will experience drought.
  • There will be uprising of terrorism as a result of political instability in nations of the world.
  • There will be a stability in the then fluctuating South African currency and many more.

He then urged those concerned to take his Prophetic words seriously. But little or none of these prophecies were taking seriously. The neglect of these Prophecies by the concerned nations led to the various challenges – hunger, economic recession and the increase in terrorism experienced this year.

A Prophecy that comes as a warning can be averted if the people concerned take them seriously and pray to avert it; for not all Prophecies that are given are meant to come to pass. However, they can come to pass only if those involved take the prophecies for granted. Just like the Prophecy about the 2016 USA Presidential election, Trump supporters and the American Church took the Prophecy serious and averted it by praying for God’s mercy upon their land.

As the Prophet will always say, “a Prophet shall say that which he shall live to see accomplished.” The people, who refused to take the 2016 prophetic warning serious, can actually see its fulfillment; for they are now a reality. The words of the Prophet should be taken with utmost seriousness because his Prophecies have been proven to be 100% accurate and it is even a rare privilege for us to be in this era of a great Prophet of God, who can communicate the mind of God to individuals and nations of the world.

As we would be ushered into the year 2017, with a Prophetic message from the servant of God, we should therefore see this as an opportunity to know what God has to say concerning our nations and the world at large. We urge the world leaders to listen and carefully heed to whatever prophecy that may concern their nations and the world in order to avert any negative occurrence so as to make our world a better place.