Good morning! Please take note of this vital message from Prophet T.B. Joshua to all Emmanuel TV viewers and people of God around the world:

“On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, you have to be in an attitude of prayer – with all your heart. Pray and fast Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I know you are hearing me all over the world. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – promise to be in an attitude of prayer and fasting with all your heart. Pray for these children. Pray for the Chibok girls still in captivity and Leah Sharibu as well. Your prayer – for release. I am carrying the viewers all over the world along. I will join you and lead you – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

“Lift up your voice. Oh Lord, whatever sin they or their families might have committed – we ask for Your mercy. Have mercy on us! We ask for Your mercy – mercy of release. In Jesus Christ’s name!

“This is a commission. The Lord has commissioned you for this job – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. There is where you will know that God loves you just as He does any of His apostles. Thank you for your promise.” (T.B. Joshua on Sunday 07/04/19 after representatives of the affected communities in Chibok and Dapchi visited The SCOAN to seek Divine intervention)

Please JOIN us in prayer and fasting and SHARE this important message with people of God all over the world. Two believers are better than one – if only they are one (Matthew 18:19)!


Leah Sharibu: TB Joshua calls for three days prayer, fasting

Lagos – Representatives of Chibok in Borno and Dapchi in Yobe on Sunday sought spiritual help at The Synagogue, the Church of All Nations, at Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos to pray for the release of Leah Sharibu and other students kidnapped by Boko Haram.

The representatives who carried several placards told the General Overseer, Prophet Temitope Joshua, that they were at The Synagogue because they had exhausted all human efforts to get the students released.

A spokesman of the representatives told Prophet Joshua that the father of Leah Sharibu could not come with them because he had been bedridden by stroke, as a result of the kidnap of her daughter.

He said they had been watching his ministry through Emmanuel Television (the church’s cable TV) and all the help he had rendered to the sick and the less privileged, hence their joint visit to plead for intercessory prayers for the release of the students.

The spokesman said they had no doubt that with the approval of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God could trigger the release of the remaining students kidnapped in 2014 and 2018.

Prophet Joshua told them that there was nothing impossible in the sight of the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

He urged the congregation and viewers of Emmanuel Television worldwide to pray and fast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, this week, for the release of the remaining students.

He said that “there is nothing God cannot do” and urged all to see the prayer and fasting on the mentioned days as an assignment.

Some of the placards read: Please intercede on our behalf for the release of Leah Sharibu; The remaining 112 students kidnapped in Chibok are yet to be released, please help, among others.

On April 14, 2014, 276 female students were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School, Chibok in Borno State.

Responsibility for the kidnappings was claimed by Boko Haram, an extremist terrorist organization based in northeastern Nigeria.

Since 2014, 164 of the students had regained their freedom, while 112 are still held by Boko Haram.

Also on Feb. 19, 2018, no fewer than 110 schoolgirls were kidnapped by the Boko Haram terrorist group from the Government Girls’ Science and Technical College (GGSTC), Dapchi, located in Bulabulin, Yunusari Local Government area of Yobe State.

One hundred and nine of the students were released, except Leah Sharibu, who was said to have refused to denounce Christianity. (NAN)




tbjministries God gives enough grace for each trial we face. Your trial could be sickness, poverty, failure; whatever is your trial, one thing is clear: As a Christian, you are given enough grace to face it. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. With Jesus, I can face any situation because He promised to see me through (Psalm 91:15). Therefore, let us not look back because we cannot make spiritual progress by looking back. We that walk with the Lord run the straight race through His good grace. You can only run the straight race through God’s good grace by not looking back.

In Romans 8:35, Paul asked, ‘What is it that can distract me from running the straight race with God?’ Can sickness, poverty, persecutions, hardship? No; in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Trust God’s authority, not man’s majority. Remember, each day God sends His loving aids to strengthen you and me. His aids are enough to see us through any situation. What is your situation? Remember, the Lord is our Shepherd. If the Lord is your Shepherd, you would not be in want. If the Lord is your Shepherd, His grace would be sufficient for you to face any situation you are in. If the Lord is your Shepherd, whatever situation you are in would strengthen your determination and desire for Him. Instead of your situation to hold you down, it would propel you. Instead of your situation to discourage you from praying, it would be an incentive to pray the more.

Ask God to give you enough grace to stand each trial you face. Your trial could be sickness, poverty or failure. Whatever situation you are in, ask God to give you enough grace to overcome.

– T.B. Joshua



tbjministries Instead of being anxious about the events of tomorrow, we should learn to focus on serving the Lord wholeheartedly, doing our best and leaving the rest to Him. To do this, we are expected to run the straight race with Him – no distractions or diversions – with firm belief in His wisdom, power and goodness. To conquer anxiety and care, we should have absolute trust in GOD that He is working out the answer. Anxiety about tomorrow is burdensome as much as it is sinful. Our personal cares for the present, future, the family and others are capable of changing our focus from running the straight race with God, especially when they arise from unbelief and distrust.

It is the fear of tomorrow that leads men to lay up treasures here on earth in complete neglect of eternity. A focus on materialism can divert our devotion from God Almighty to the god of wealth. We fail to realise that treasures on earth have a habit of disappointing their owners; they do not offer permanent security. Though money and wealth are a useful support, we should not put our trust in them. Only treasure stored up in Heaven can guarantee us permanent security, especially when they are accompanied by a generous attitude towards others.



tb joshua ministries Because Peter was to be a blessing to his people, he had to taste hardship, disappointment, setback, failure and want. What are you going through now? What you are going through may be part of the events that would reveal God’s purpose for your life. Remember, there is something far more important than whatever situation you are passing through – your dream and goals. Are you intimidated in some way? There is something far more important than rejection – your dream and goals. Men of purpose do not concentrate on where they are now, their focus, aim and desire is on their destination.

Where are you now? What situation are you in now? Are you in abject poverty? Remember, the man that is poor is not the man that has no money but one without a dream. So, remember your dream. In other words, they are poor that have no dream. When Joseph was in the dry pit, he asked himself, “Where is my dream? I know this is not where I belong!” This awareness comforted him while in the dry pit, Potiphar’s house and the prison. In our spiritual walk with God, there are good and hard times. As Christians, when things tend to go contrary to our expectation, we remember our dream; our dream is our director, direction, guide and road map. Our dream imparts strength to endure and manage our present situation.

– Prophet T.B. Joshua



tb joshua ministries What situation are you in now? Is your God able? If He is, is He faithful to fulfil His promises? If He is faithful, are you really faithful to Him? Certainly our God is powerful and faithful to His faithful servants. This means, it is not a one-sided affair. God has a role to play in my salvation, just as I have a role to play. This should be our guiding principle. This is the kind of relationship approved of God.

We are unfaithful to God; that is why it seems as if He is powerless in the face of our mountain. Many people blame God for unfaithfulness when they should blame themselves for not praying according to His will. Unanswered prayers stand between people and their faith. It is always His will to answer prayer. “Call unto Me, and I will answer you…” (Jeremiah 33:3). This is God’s invitation to pray and His promise to answer. God invites you to pray, to ask; He is always ready to answer. When we are faithful, our God is powerful. This means, it is not a one-sided affair. You have a role to play, just as God has a role to play.



tb joshua ministries We have received countless testimonies from people concerning the anointed worship song, ‘Sin’s Power Over Me Is Broken’ composed by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Do you have a testimony to share after listening to or praying with this song? PLEASE comment below and tell us about it!

Here is a summary of just some of the testimonies we have received:

Tawona Chirambo – “I was singing this song whilst also watching Emmanuel TV when I suddenly started vomiting something like blood! I was still meditating the song in my heart when I suddenly slept off. I dreamt and saw Prophet TB Joshua praying for me. I felt so weak and fell down. He then shook hands with me and asked, ‘Have you made it?’ I responded loudly, ‘Yes, prophet! I’ve made it!’ I saw Prophet TB Joshua smiling at me and at that moment, I woke up. Emmanuel TV was still on and I found the same song playing on Emmanuel TV – ‘Sin’s power over me is broken!!!’

Stacy Patrice – “I went to sleep last night with this song. When I was sleeping, I saw myself being prayed for by Prophet TB Joshua. I started shaking in my dream and then started vomiting many whitish ‘tonsil stones’. I used to get sick with tonsils and have blood come out of my mouth whenever they burst but now, I and my family are free from whatever curse that was the cause of this sickness!

Raymond Nkonosawa – “The day Prophet TB Joshua introduced this song, I was watching Emmanuel TV closely and I sensed power touching me. I couldn’t even look at the TV just because of the power and I was shaking. Ever since, I started experiencing a drastic change in my marriage and my finances. I made the biggest sale in my business! My son had been troubled with consistent cough and its gone!”

Lizette Tume – “I was singing the song in my dream. When a masquerade was coming to chase me, I started singing the song and I couldn’t see it again!”

Mabongi – “Good morning! I have been singing this song since Sunday and just now I saw my menstruation which had ceased!”

Johnny Bureh – “Just last night, people of God, I received my deliverance in my dream after going to bed singing this song by Prophet TB Joshua. To God be the Glory!”

Jabulani Lebza – “I slept with this song in my heart and my mind and Prophet TB Joshua came in my dream and said, ‘When you are singing this song, you confuse the enemy in a great way and also you are being transformed and recreated to become a new creation!’ I woke up with this great joy in me and I will continue singing this song in my heart.”

Christopher Tuffour – “Who observed that any time you are singing ‘Sin’s power over me is broken’, there is this joy in your heart and an uncontrollable smile radiating from your inner being and reflecting on your face? Oh My God – an anointed song indeed!”

Bwembya Kopulande – “I have been singing this song since Sunday and today, I just received a message that what I was waiting for has been granted to me at my work place.”

Constance Ngandu – “What a blessed song! When I was singing this song in my heart, I had a vision in which I heard a voice telling me, ‘This song can make the lame walk!’ As I continued meditating on it, I saw a woman who had difficulty in walking stand up from her wheelchair and walk. It’s powerful and anointed song.”

Hallelujah! Please SHARE your own testimony with us below.