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Prophet T.B. Joshua

It does not really matter what the world and its institutions have in opinion about God’s humble servant, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. We don’t really care since we are not of this world nor conformed to their ways other than, the things from above. Our senses of truth are not based on their laws and senses of judgment. Because here is the world that finds pleasure in worshiping and adoring sex idols or celebrity porn with fake body parts and ungodly lifestyle, yet delights in castigating men of God that proves the authenticity of God’s power, promote pure virtues, purity and the fear of God.

Despite the campaigns of calumny and the negative impressions that critics are trying to create out there about the life and ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, however, one thing is crystal clear, he has shown to be outstanding in his ministerial calling.

We would be revealing some of those extraordinary things that took place in the SCOAN which are issues of concern in the world today and has placed the elites in the state of bewilderment or they are still looking for their solutions. However, they are like breathing when they are brought forth to the feet of the Prophet of God.

  1. The Massive Transformative Healings of the Homosexuals: It is no longer news or big deal to SCOAN members and millions of Emmanuel.TV viewers worldwide that homosexuality is an infirmity that can be cured in SCOAN. For now, according to scientific records, there is no solution to homosexuality. It is also worth knowing that the bewildered elites who seem not to have a tangible explanation to the cause of homosexuality are trying to compel the world to accept it as normal even though common sense proves its abnormality. Today, countless homosexuals worldwide that are tired of their ill lifestyle are trooping into the SCOAN to get delivered. And it is on record that only in SCOAN homosexuals are being healed and transformed. We are calling on world leaders to partner with the Ministry of SCOAN to bring to stop for once the issue of Homosexuality. The world leaders cannot continue to pretend that all is well, there is a solution God has placed amongst us, let’s make judicious use of it.
  2. The Countless HIV/AIDs Healings: This is one of the most common illnesses that are consistently healed in the Ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua. Records have long-established that a good number of persons affected with this deadly virus that comes to SCOAN have been healed with confirmed medical records from Professional medical specialist and highly recognised and reputable hospitals after the patients encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Ministry. We would like World Health Organisation (WHO) to visit SCOAN to debunk these amazing records. It is a known fact that today medically, HIV/AIDs cannot be healed. Although, there are medicines usually recommended by medical doctors to patients affected with this deadly virus to manage the disease. SCOAN always advise patients to continue with their medication until confirmed totally healed by their medical doctors.  It is also worthy to note that divine healings of HIV/AIDs are not limited to the ministry of SCOAN; there are also stories from other bible believing churches were such healings has been alleged to have taken place.
  3. The astonish Marriage Reconciliation: The level of divorce in our society today is extremely alarming. The system of the world seems to encourage divorce among married couples than reconciliations. Due to the wrong orientation out there, that marriage reconciliation is tantamount to encourage couples to stay in “abusive marriage”. But Thank God for the Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. The Prophet has continued to be used by God to sustain the sacred institution of marriage. Marriages facing difficult challenges and including those that have already been legally declared divorce are being reconciled daily in the SCOAN. Divorce has never been the best solution to the crisis in Marriage. We encourage couples to always seek the face of God in Ministry like SCOAN before making a final decision in their matrimonial issues.
  4. The SCOAN Anointing Water: The efficacy of the SCOAN Anointing water in providing solutions to the myriad of world problems cannot be overemphasised. It is on record that the anointing water is one of the most sought after commodity. People from far and wide troop to the SCOAN just to get hold of the Anointing water. God have continued to do great wonders beyond human imagination or comprehension, by the medium of the SCOAN Anointing water.The Ebola Virus disease case comes to mind. Though there was strict resistance by the world institutions in using the Anointing water to cure and put to stop the outbreak of Ebola Virus in the nation of Sierra Leone. With the claim that there is no scientific prove that the Anointing water can cure the alleged incurable disease, Ebola. But thank God for medical personnel with the fear of God, who allowed the Anointing water to be ministered in a part of the affected region, because of their belief in God’s supremacy over the opinion of any scientist. Uncut records from government sources show that the South-East region in Sierra Leone, where the people of God were allowed to administer the anointing water recorded no new case of the deadly virus.

In the light of the above amongst many, which God has been doing in through the life and Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, it is disturbing and out of place to know that the Prophet remains one of the most persecuted servants of God on earth. Anyway, it does not really matter. In fact, these are what confirmed the source of his power and genuineness. Even Christ Jesus, the king of Glory faced similar persecutions when He was on Earth.

The Uniqueness of T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Love him or hate him, he is a public figure that cannot be ignored. Nigerians have become notorious for trickery and bribery the world over. This is so wide spread that in some places just possessing a Nigerian passport draws the trail of the police.

In almost every country there are crooks and honest people, Nigeria is no exception. The good news is that all is not rotten, in the basket of rottenness.

But what is it that makes T. B. Joshua unique? By the way, I am neither his fan nor his foe. Below find things that T.B. Joshua does, which other men of God don’t.

These are the things that make him a darling of the people despite the negative publicity campaign by his fellow church men and the media.

1. His charity work
He is not the richest when compared to the other Nigerian pastors who are reputedly super rich. One has five personal jets. Just one similar jet stirred controversy in Malawi when our president bought it, but a certain Nigerian pastor has five of them.

Some own big hotels, printing presses, limousines, and big companies. The irony is, you hardly hear of them giving to the poor, the widows, the lame and the blind.

TB Joshua gives liberally, giving out even cars while some are stockpiling them in their compounds.

He gives scholarships and his ministry has helped educate many people up to university level.

2. His humility
He is a down to earth person. He mingles with people, breaks down his English so people can understand while mending marriages and hearts of people.

He is seen having lunch with old people, the lame and what have you. He is seen comforting people and many times he has been heard telling childless parents that he will be their child.

He jokes freely with all while most of the men of God we know, believe in being serious, and by that I mean living a separated life and mingling with nobody.


3. His father heart
He is the only one I know, and I stand to be corrected, who has identified and recruited people, and is training them in his own church.

He is exposing them and even allows them to appear on the television alongside him. Sometimes he even goes backstage while they take charge of the services.

Show me other ministers or leader who has done that. Many others make sure that the television is off limit for any budding or aspiring preacher.

If you find them grooming someone, then, be sure, he is one of their kin and folk, otherwise, no way!

Some feel so insecure that they rush home leaving meetings so that nobody preaches apart from them.

4. He is no globe trotter
Seems like this man knows his mission field. He rarely goes out of his country. He has the courage to send some of his boys to the United States of America to do ministry.

This is a direct opposite of what the ministers we know are doing. T B man is never excited with foreign trips which others would quickly take up at the expense of their local flock.

He is different. People find him where he is based. People from European countries have to swallow their pride and go to Nigeria if they want him. What a contrast to most preachers we know.

I have deliberately left out issues to do with the way he ministers. Not all people agree on that, that’s why others brand him “controversial”.

These issues are more theological than otherwise and as you know, the pew man is not conversant with theological issues. He is a bench warmer and a layman sitting at the back of some church.


from Malawi
Source: olufamous


This is an official statement from Prophet T.B. Joshua:

“I was shocked to find a report written in Premium Times (http://www.premiumtimesng.com/news/headlines/201600-panamapapers-reveal-t-b-joshuas-shell-company-in-offshore-tax-haven.html) claiming that the Panama Papers revealed a shell company called Chillon Consultancy Limited in the British Virgin Islands, allegedly owned by me. Whoever is involved in this malicious write-up and propaganda with an obvious intent to defame my person and the ministry, remember what the Bible says in Luke 2:34 – “This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many… and to be a sign that will be spoken against.”

“I am not a businessman and have no business whatsoever. What God has given me is more than enough. I have nothing to do with the Panama Papers. As for me and my family, we shall remain in the vineyard of God.

“Premium Times – do not allow your company to be used. Do not allow your company to stand against God. This is a lie! Take note – this news was written by the same journalist who alleged that I bribed him during the building incident and went to different channels – both local and international – to propagate these fabrications. Since the building incident, there have been a series of threats towards the ministry and my person by this same journalist, Nicholas Ibekwe, who represents a gang of people.

“After everything that has been done in an attempt to destroy this ministry, this is what he has resorted to. Even the picture used in the write-up is taken from the Mexico Crusade I recently held. It was a crusade I went for, nothing more.

“Do not use the Panama Papers to attack those you have been looking for an opportunity to victimise. This is to show that not everybody alleged in the media to be involved in the Panama Papers is truly involved. My own case is a good example.

“Beware of those using the Panama Papers for fraudulent purposes! This is a very big mistake the fraudsters have made. Those who read this report – take time to do your findings. It is malicious.”

“Note – people are misusing the data in the Panama Papers for fraud to attack innocent people.”

Attached is the picture of Nicholas Ibekwe and one of the many emails he has sent to The SCOAN.



TB Joshua Ministries


SYNAGOGUE COLLAPSE: Coroner cannot determine that Collapse was due to structural failure

 Justice Oyetade Komolafe headed the Illegal Coronal Inquest

Justice Oyetade Komolafe headed the Illegal Coronal Inquest

The coroner’s verdict which recommended the prosecution of the engineer and contractor that handled the collapsed Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) building has been faulted by Justice K.O. Alogba of the High Court of Lagos State, Ikeja Division.

While delivering his ruling on the application for judicial review filed by the lawyers to Registered Trustees of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Justice Alogba clearly stated that the coroner lacked the powers to recommend the prosecution of the contractors.

It would be recalled that in its verdict of July 8, 2015, the coroner had recommended the prosecution of the contractors that handled the construction of the collapsed building in persons of engineer Akinbola Fatiregun of Hardrock Construction and engineer Oladele Ogundeji.

Justice Alogba equally faulted the finding of the coroner which stated that the collapse of the building was due to structural failure. The judge submitted further that only a civil court could make such findings based on the facts presented before it.

Earlier, Justice Alogba had refused the prayer of the Lagos State Government urging the court to strike out the application for judicial review arguing that it was filed out of time.

Responding to the prayer of the Lagos State Government, Justice Alogba submitted that the application was in order as it was filed within the three months period stipulated by the rules of court.

As it stands, the recommendation by the coroner that the contractors should be prosecuted has been quashed by Justice K.O. Alogba of the High Court of Lagos State, Ikeja Division.

Nosa Osazuwa was present during the court proceedings

Breaking News: Lagos State High Court Faults Coroner Verdict on TB Joshua Building Collapse

T.B. Joshua remains the world must persecuted living God's General

T.B. Joshua remains the world must persecuted living God’s General

In a shocking turnaround, the Lagos State High Court has admitted that the coroner’s inquest which indicted the engineers and contractors of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) guesthouse that collapsed is at fault.

According to an exclusive report leaked online, Justice K.O. Alogba of the High Court of Lagos State, Ikeja Division stated that the coroner lacked the powers to recommend the prosecution of the contractors.

While delivering his ruling on the application for judicial review filed by the lawyers to the Registered Trustees of The SCOAN on Wednesday 2nd March 2016, Alogba equally faulted the conclusion of the coroner which stated the tragic collapse of the building was due to structural failure.

The trial into collapse of the guesthouse which resulted in the deaths of 115 people has been fraught with controversy from its onset.

In its verdict of July 8, 2015, the coroner headed by Justice Oyetade Komolafe had recommended the prosecution of the contractors that handled the construction of the collapsed building, a ruling that has faced immense legal challenges ever since.

The SCOAN immediately claimed the ruling was ‘biased’ and ‘one-sided’, maintaining that external forces sabotaged the building and the collapse was the result of an ‘attack’, not any structural defect.

Justice Alogba had earlier refused the prayer of the Lagos State Government, urging the court to strike out the application for judicial review.

Alogba submitted that the application was legally viable as it was filed within the three months period stipulated.

The new ruling from Justice Alogba has effectively halted the recommendation by the coroner that the contractors should be prosecuted.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist…

Prophet T.B. Joshua Donates N5 Million To Man Whose Wife Was Killed By Police

Prophet T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua

A man name, Mr. Sunday Udoh  whose wife was shot dead by Police in Lagos last year has today, Sunday 21th February , 2016  received help from the founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B. Joshua and the emmanuel.tv partners. After sharing is painful past experience to members and viewers around the world live on Emmanuel.tv. Read bellow and be inspired from this life transforming story as posted in the SCOAN Facebook page:


One moment was all it took. One bloody, harrowing moment and the world of Mr Sunday Udoh literally came falling apart. The body of his beloved wife lay strewn on the floor as blood flowed from the gaping wound on his jaw. Two brutal gun shots and then deafening silence…

Mr Udoh, his wife and children were returning home from a prayer meeting in their church when tragedy struck in the cruelest, most heinous of ways. Halted by members of the police, who were clearly intoxicated by alcohol, the sum of N2,000 was rudely demanded from Sunday. Insisting he had no cash with him, he was grudgingly waved on to proceed. However, moments after sitting down in his vehicle, two gun shots rang out. One struck his shoulder and then pierced his lower jaw. The other killed his wife instantly.

The baby she carried fell alongside her lifeless body, three young children witnessing the ruthless killing of their dear mother in cold blood. No tears could replace what had been so callously taken away. Confronting the policemen responsible, Sunday received nothing more than threatening words before they took to their heels.

Nearly six months down the line, the body of Mrs Udoh’s wife was still lying in the mortuary. Their children, traumatised by the horrific incident, had left school – the eldest daughter developing epileptic fits in the wake of the senseless killing.

Although the policemen responsible had been dismissed from their workplace and human rights groups had protested and called for justice, the family were still suffering. Sunday was incapacitated, unable to work as he struggled to overcome his injuries. Two major operations later and the wound on his jaw still leaked pus and his shoulder remained numb. Although not a member of The SCOAN, Sunday was advised that if he could come to the Arena of Liberty, God would use Prophet T.B. Joshua to assist him both physically and spiritually.

After sharing his ordeal, Emmanuel TV viewers and partners around the world wrote in, promising to support the family to start life afresh. Prophet T.B. Joshua announced he would give the family N5 million, counseling Mr Sunday that he should be consoled in knowing his wife died after returning from church, stressing that the manner in which death comes should not be focused on. He further encouraged him to continue worshipping in his church, adding that one should stay where God has placed him. “You are because I am; I am because you are.”

TB Joshua Ministries

Building collapsed: Our Persecutors Confirms, Our Genuineness

T.B. Joshua remains the world must persecuted living God's General

T.B. Joshua remains the world must persecuted living God’s General

Right from the days of the Old to the New Testament of the history of the Church, those who are genuinely called by God with an exceptional mandate to create a hung impact in this world are enemies to the powers that be. These genuine men of God were always hunted by powerful people, from the peril of a powerful imperial king to that of another emperor. Majority of these Men of God died in pain, shame and agony for doing the will of God that contradicted the opinion of those that were in high places of power. Their missions of spreading the gospel of grace via versa, liberating those under the bondage of darkness into the marvellous light of God caused this great Generals of God to be hated and disliked by the people thus, their peril.

Therefore, the present challenges the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua is going through right now should not be a cause of worry to us the believers instead, it should be a live gospel and a lesson to the present generational Church that even among the so called civilized, the persecution of living Generals of God still continues. The injustice the ministry of SCOAN is experiencing from those in authorities and the ongoing trial to persecute the SCOAN’s building contractors and the Church. Even when there is a clear evidences that the military airplane that went round the collapse guest house is responsible for its collapse and the CCTV footage that captured the horizontal manner the guest house collapse which is consistent with control demolition that sponsored propagandist are now being classified as mere theory, is a confirmation to the genuineness of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s calling and that indeed, the Prophet’s ministry is a great threat to the kingdom of darkness that has ruler-ship over the world.

Just take a look at the ministry of the Synagogue, Church of all Nations (SCOAN), a ministry where healings and deliverances are without equal, where through the power of God, any diseases including HIV/Aids and Ebola Virus can be cured. A ministry that seems to have the solution to all the world’s problems, even the homosexuals- gay and lesbians, in SCOAN they can be made normal. Tell me that such a Ministry will not be hated by the powers that be; tell me that such a ministry will not be under attack. Don’t you think Prophet T.B. Joshua will be seen as one that wants to take control over the affairs of the world?

The truth is that, Prophet T.B. Joshua is the main target in this whole issue that is at stake. The contractors that construct that collapsed building are not who they are looking for. It is unfortunate, they are simply victims of circumstances and this same apply to the innocent souls that was killed due to the collapse guest house; the person they are looking for is Prophet T.B. Joshua. Can’t you see how almost all the news media headlines are on T.B. Joshua none appearing in court? As if it is legally bond for the Prophet to appear in court. The Church board of trustees is a legal entity, which could be represented by anybody and not necessarily Prophet T.B. Joshua, who is the Church founder. They would not stop hunting for the Prophet and his ministry until they see him fall. But if indeed God is God, that which they wishes against the Prophet will go after them, If they wishes good, good things will go with them, but if they wishes evil, evil will never depart from them and their coming generation unless they repent and confess to the world.

As for you that see God’s prolonged silent as rejection, Be Encourage! I ask, was their no God when the great Prophet Elijah fled into exile because of Ahab and Jezebel that were after his head. What about the great Apostles that defended the gospel with their blood, was their no God when they were killed and brutalized for the sack of preaching the Gospel of graces we all are enjoying today. We should not be faint in our prayers and Faith in God just because physically, our enemies seem to have all the advantages over us.

It is certainly true they have control over the government, the judiciary and the media, but be encouraged brethren for we have a greater and powerful God on our side. Have you forgotten that “One with God is the Majority”? God will not put HIS Church to shame. It may seems the enemies are having the upper hand, but in due time, the power of God will be made manifest. Surely, these present battle against the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua will turn into a stepping stone to a greater height for the Prophet and his ministry.

Even our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was sentenced and killed by his own enemies. Those who killed Christ thought they were doing him evil, but unknowingly to them, they were helping to fulfil the will of God which is the liberation of mankind by the Blood of the Holy Lamb, Jesus Christ. For the death of Christ marks the new beginning of the era of graces. Christ categorically told the Church that if they can do such evil against HIM, we His followers should expect more.

The way of God is different from the way of men. I’m convince in my Spirit that there is great revival God is about to bring to the world through the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua, and the way God will bring forth this great revival will be out of taught with our thinking faculties.