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The United States of America Flag

“Greetings from Prophet T.B. Joshua. People of God, we know what is happening. We know what God is using the Prophet, through Emmanuel TV, to prophesy since the beginning of the year. But the people and the nations concerned do not believe. If we did, we would have come together to pray for the prophetic message.

Viewers around the world, you have seen the hurricanes, the bad winds that Prophet T.B. Joshua has talked about and many other prophecies. But because the world – the people and the nations concerned – do not believe when the message comes out, it is all up to the Prophet alone to pray over it – because they do not believe. You cannot pray about what you do not believe in.

Such a prayer is not all up to one man. God may show one man the vision, the prophecy, but he will need the people and the nations concerned to pray with him. It is not all up to the Prophet alone; it is up to the people and the nations concerned to join the Prophet in prayer, because two believers are better than one.

Prophet T.B. Joshua is concerned about what is happening around the world. He said that it is too late to cry to God; but this hurricane and winds will not affect Florida in the same way the hurricane affected Houston, Texas because believers around the world are crying to God. Believers are crying to God even though it is too late; but it will not affect Florida as it affected Houston, because God is a merciful God and He will still listen to His people. America, in God we trust!”


tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

On February 19th 2017, Prophet T.B. Joshua warned the world of impending natural disasters which would move ‘from country to country’ and arise ‘in the sea’.

“I am seeing some natural disasters like wind – bad wind coming from the sea – bad nature – a natural disaster that will destroy many things, that will move from one country to another. I saw this – that was the last two years. We keep praying but there is momentum in the sea which will look strange. This thing will move from country to country. Let us rise up and pray. Open your lips for prayer. Let there be calmness! Wherever this nature – tragedy in the sea, air – this bad nature that is coming – let there be calmness, in the name of Jesus! Jesus said to the sea and wind, ‘Be calm!’ Let there be calmness, in the name of Jesus!

Earlier, on January 22nd 2017, Prophet T.B. Joshua led The SCOAN congregation in prayer on his knees for the whole world, specifically telling people to pray for the United States of America. “Don’t forget the nation that rescues nations – they too, are facing their own challenges.”

Please join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer for all who are affected by these deadly natural disasters around the world.