Prophet T.B. Joshua

“The emergency session held by the UN on North Korea’s recent missile test is testament to the fact that increasing sanctions against North Korea will not yield (and has not yielded) any positive solution geared towards world peace and stability. Despite the existent sanctions on North Korea, it has improved its missile capability beyond what experts thought. Instead, world leaders should work towards reaching a peaceful solution at the negotiating table. Military responses, by superpower nations, escalate the unstable situation further; sanctions hurt vulnerable people within North Korea, and not necessarily the ruler using the missile tests. Instead, the UN and world leaders should look towards amplifying talks with North Korea and include China. Remember, even in these times: War never overcomes. When you LOVE, you overcome. The UN should go to the negotiating table and find a peaceful solution there. Even in tense situations such as this with North Korea, LOVE is the most powerful weapon.”

TB Joshua Ministries