A LIBERIAN MAN: “I said I was a Nigerian so they would deport me”

Streams of deportees from Libya have been arriving to The SCOAN, seeking the face of God for help and a new beginning. A few who arrived among the groups this week, came out to share their experiences. The first to speak was Cynthia who narrated her horrific experience where, in search of a better life, she found herself sold into prostitution, having to sleep with up to 20 men in a day. She was beaten and injured by the women managing the brothel and at a point, even shot in her leg. The bullet entered her leg and came out her foot, leaving her unable to move for four months. Thrown into prison, she was later deported to Nigeria. It was only here that she was able to find medical care for her ghastly wound. Cynthia advised people not to believe what they are promoting on the internet about the journey to Libya and Europe, that they are false and that the journey is horrific.

Mary had no parents and was convinced to travel to Europe via Libya for a better life to help her family. She left Nigeria and travelled through the desert where she saw multitudes of people dying in the desert with some, buried alive. She explained that her experience in the desert was like fire in hell. When she arrived in Libya, she was forced into prostitution by the person who took her to Libya. The man took a picture of her naked and threatened to post it on the internet if she did not do the work of prostitution. She had to sleep with up to 10 men in a day. On many occasions in the brothel, she was beaten with broken bottles. During a police raid of the brothel, Mary was put into prison with no food or light and later deported back to Nigeria. She advised all that Nigeria is a very blessed country and people should value it and build their life with what God has given them.

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Washington, a Liberian national, was deceived by a friend to go to Germany via Libya. When he got to Libya he was kidnapped and put into prison, to be later bailed out by a friend. He spent three days in the desert with no food or water. While there, four of the people he was with were captured again and put into prison. When he finally arrived to the coast of Libya to take the rubber boat across the Mediterranean Sea, he was captured and also put back into prison. He was put on the deportation list but there were no flights back to Liberia. His request was repeatedly denied until he heard from Nigerians there that Prophet T.B. Joshua in Nigeria often helped people who were in terrible situations such as theirs. He then claimed that he was a Nigerian, hoping to also find a way out of Libya and help from the man of God. Washington advised people to never attempt the illegal route through the desert to Libya and Europe, admonishing people to take the legal route by plane. When he came to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners helped him financially and he began to eat regularly and was given medical assistance for his injuries and illnesses. He shared his heart’s desire was to go back to his country Liberia.

Akeem shared his terrifying experience of being kidnapped and captured in the desert. He was instructed to get his family to send money to bail him out but when he called his mother, she did not believe him. The kidnappers then made a video call to her, showing Akeem being prepared to be hung. She quickly sold her land and sent the money to the kidnappers. Akeem was severely beaten and later put in prison. Sometime later he was released and found a job but after a week of work, instead of paying him, the man pulled out a gun and shot him. Akeem ran away with a broken bone in his arm and was later caught and deported. He advised people not to be deceived, that people are falsely promoting the journey to collect money. Stay in Nigeria because the journey is like hell.

Hearing their distressing experiences, Prophet T.B. Joshua sent financial assistance in the amount of 200,000 naira for each of the deportees and prayed for their future success, in Christ Jesus.


On Friday July 13, 2018 Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team rushed to the aid of a group of 65 Nigerian deportees from Libya, who arrived at The SCOAN in a dire condition, assisting them with a lump sum of ‎₦3,250,000 ($9,000), medical attention, a hot meal, and two bags of rice each to help them restart their lives.

Recounting their difficult stories, they explained how they had seen the height of human cruelty in the course of their illegal journey. “The person that took me to Libya is the same person that sold me!” exclaimed Mr Onudha, who was a shoe sales man in Nigeria but left his country amid a false promise that he would be given employment on a farm in Libya.

“There was no movement or freedom of speech there. We were just slaves.” Proclaimed Mr Onudoha, another deportee who said he left his job in Nigeria as a driver but couldn’t even see one Naira once he entered Libya.

They advised all their fellow Nigerians never to embark on such a dangerous and illegal journey

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Video: How TB Joshua Prayed for Thailand Cave Rescue

Thailand cave tb joshuaOn Sunday 8th July 2018, Prophet T.B. Joshua led The SCOAN congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers around the world in prayer for the young Thailand footballers and their coach who were dangerously trapped in a cave for almost three weeks.

The Prophet led the congregation to “Ask God to intervene and rescue these children. The divers and people that want to rescue them – God should inspire them what to do and how to do it. The Lord should rescue these children – rescue them, help them, in Jesus Christ’s name!”

To the glory of God, on Tuesday 10th July 2018, all twelve members of the Wild Boar Football team were successfully rescued, alongside their coach.

The ministry on their Only Official Facebook page also thanks God for the successful rescue saying, “We at The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV thank God for rescuing the lives of these young footballers from Thailand and pray HE would strengthen them to make a complete recovery after their underground ordeal.”

Thank You, Jesus Christ!

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TB Joshua’s church tops most popular tourist sites in Lagos

tb joshua, scoan

The Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN

The visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Lagos, specifically to the New Afrika Shrine dedicated to the ground-breaking music of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, has attracted attention to the vibrant megacity’s most visited tourist destinations.

In a report published in The Nation Newspaper, T.B. Joshua’s famed Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) unsurprisingly tops the list of the most visited Lagos tourist attractions.

According to the report, The SCOAN “attracts the highest number of tourists not just to Lagos, but to Nigeria as a whole… The steady number of tourists that keeps streaming to the church is a testament to its global popularity.”

The article additionally cites Joshua’s ability to attract religious tourists who come “to find solutions to their physical and spiritual ailments” all year round, as opposed to those attending a seasonal event.

“The church does not have a low or high season… It has been visited by many sitting heads of governments, ex-presidents and foreign presidential candidates; many went on to win their elections.”

After The SCOAN comes The New Afrika Shrine which was the centre of attention during Macron’s visit.

It serves as the host location of the annual Felabration music festival, as well as showcasing exclusive photo galleries of Fela and music performances by Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti.

The Nation further mentions the allure of Nike Arts Gallery, Freedom Park, Terra Kulture, Fela’s Museum, Iga Idugaran, Eko Atlantic City, Elegushi Beach and the National Museum to round off Lagos’ most popular tourist sites.

 Ihechukwu Njoku is a Nigerian writer…

Source – thenationonlineng.net


At the entrance of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations 36 frayed Nigerians deported from Libya, including a few from Morocco, found refuge from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners who supported them with food and the sum of ₦1,350,000. The group explained that they had heard how T.B. Joshua had been helping deportees, so they immediately decided to rush to the church after their plane landed.

Many described their illegal journey and experience in the northern African nations as a horrible ordeal. “It was just like Hell” Mr. Joshua, the head speaker of the group exclaimed. “People are dying in Libya. They’re killing, destroying, and burning people also collecting their things.” He said. He described the dreadful occurrences saying, “They are doing human trafficking – selling humans like their selling goats and cows.”

Miss Yusuf, one of six women in the group, said. “They rape some girls while they sell some others. I was deported because I told my Madame I can’t work with her anymore, so she took me to prison.” She discouraged any of her fellow Nigerians from making the same illegal journey as she did. “I am happy to be back in my country.” She said.

“There can be no loving without giving.” – Prophet T.B. Joshua

Video: Pray Against The Interruption Of Democracy In Nigeria – TB Joshua

“I have a message for my country (Nigeria) and I want you to pray with me. After the message, you will join me in prayer. This is three times I am having this message.

The first time I had the dream, I prayed and fasted on my own. The second time, I prayed and fasted again. But this third time, you must join me in prayer. You must join me in prayer because two believers are better than one.

The Lord said I should tell the nation and leaders to pray against the interruption of the democratic practice. Pray against the interruption of democratic practice.

You have to join me in prayer for the nation. The Lord gave me the prayers to offer as well because in this case, there must be prayers given to you. What are the prayers?

  1. The Lord should give our leaders greater understanding of God’s heart.
  2. The Lord should give them the discretion to guide their hearts.
  3. The Lord should give them understanding that will protect them and wisdom that will rescue them.

Thank you for joining me in prayer. That is the voice of God. The president’s heart is like a stream of water in the hands of God and He can control it wherever He wants.” – T.B. Joshua (Sunday 01.07.18)

Watched Video Bellow:


scoan tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Some time back I went to see a prominent and well-respected man of God to discuss national issues and to ask him to pray for the nation.

When I got there I saw a good-looking young man with him. He treated the young man with such love, affection and kindness that I thought he was his son.

When I asked him he said that he was not his son but someone that he took into his Church and that he had more or less adopted.

He said that the young man’s whole family, including his parents, brothers and sisters had been wiped out all in one night by a group of cold-blooded butchers and that during the killing spree the young man himself had had his throat slit open and was left for dead.

He said that when he heard the story he was moved and decided to look for the Youngman, take him in and look after him even though he had never met him before and he did not know his family. Such gestures and acts of kindness are rare and consequently, I was deeply touched.

On my way out I saw the young man again and this time I looked at him more closely. I noticed that there was a deep and long scar across his throat which had clearly healed over a period of time but which was nevertheless still visible.

I also noticed that he looked confident, happy and relaxed despite his past travails and ordeal. As I left the Church and drove off in my car I thought to myself that this is a true man of God.

He took in and assisted the poor, the afflicted, the weak, the suffering and the vulnerable and he not only nurtured and strengthened them but he also gave them hope again.

That is surely what being a preacher, a pastor and a servant of God is all about: to care for the stranger, to bring healing to the sick, to heal the broken-hearted, to set the captives free and to be a good Samaritan.

This aspect of the glorious gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in my view, is even more important than all the prophecies and miracles.

It is only a truly strong man that is filled with the Spirit of God that goes out of his way to help those that are suffering, in danger or in need.

The weak, the irresponsible and the morally reprehensible never help anyone but themselves whilst the strong, the responsible and the profoundly good are more than happy to lend a helping hand to those that are less fortunate. That is the message of Christ: to love and to do unto others as we would do unto ourselves and that is why the Holy Bible says “thou shall know them by their fruits”.

It is a joy and a relief to know that we still have such men in the Body of Christ and on our shores.

The Pastors name is Prophet T.B. Joshua and his Church is called Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

No matter what anyone may say or feel about this deeply committed and compassionate man the truth is as follows:

If we had more leaders and clerics that showed as much compassion and love for the poor, the helpless and the suffering as he does, Nigeria would be a much better place.

T.B. Joshua turned 55 years old on June 12th. Once again I wish him a happy birthday. He has done us proud.

This article was taken from a Facebook article posted by Femi Fani-Kayode