A LIBERIAN MAN: “I said I was a Nigerian so they would deport me”

Streams of deportees from Libya have been arriving to The SCOAN, seeking the face of God for help and a new beginning. A few who arrived among the groups this week, came out to share their experiences. The first to speak was Cynthia who narrated her horrific experience where, in search of a better life, she found herself sold into prostitution, having to sleep with up to 20 men in a day. She was beaten and injured by the women managing the brothel and at a point, even shot in her leg. The bullet entered her leg and came out her foot, leaving her unable to move for four months. Thrown into prison, she was later deported to Nigeria. It was only here that she was able to find medical care for her ghastly wound. Cynthia advised people not to believe what they are promoting on the internet about the journey to Libya and Europe, that they are false and that the journey is horrific.

Mary had no parents and was convinced to travel to Europe via Libya for a better life to help her family. She left Nigeria and travelled through the desert where she saw multitudes of people dying in the desert with some, buried alive. She explained that her experience in the desert was like fire in hell. When she arrived in Libya, she was forced into prostitution by the person who took her to Libya. The man took a picture of her naked and threatened to post it on the internet if she did not do the work of prostitution. She had to sleep with up to 10 men in a day. On many occasions in the brothel, she was beaten with broken bottles. During a police raid of the brothel, Mary was put into prison with no food or light and later deported back to Nigeria. She advised all that Nigeria is a very blessed country and people should value it and build their life with what God has given them.

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Washington, a Liberian national, was deceived by a friend to go to Germany via Libya. When he got to Libya he was kidnapped and put into prison, to be later bailed out by a friend. He spent three days in the desert with no food or water. While there, four of the people he was with were captured again and put into prison. When he finally arrived to the coast of Libya to take the rubber boat across the Mediterranean Sea, he was captured and also put back into prison. He was put on the deportation list but there were no flights back to Liberia. His request was repeatedly denied until he heard from Nigerians there that Prophet T.B. Joshua in Nigeria often helped people who were in terrible situations such as theirs. He then claimed that he was a Nigerian, hoping to also find a way out of Libya and help from the man of God. Washington advised people to never attempt the illegal route through the desert to Libya and Europe, admonishing people to take the legal route by plane. When he came to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners helped him financially and he began to eat regularly and was given medical assistance for his injuries and illnesses. He shared his heart’s desire was to go back to his country Liberia.

Akeem shared his terrifying experience of being kidnapped and captured in the desert. He was instructed to get his family to send money to bail him out but when he called his mother, she did not believe him. The kidnappers then made a video call to her, showing Akeem being prepared to be hung. She quickly sold her land and sent the money to the kidnappers. Akeem was severely beaten and later put in prison. Sometime later he was released and found a job but after a week of work, instead of paying him, the man pulled out a gun and shot him. Akeem ran away with a broken bone in his arm and was later caught and deported. He advised people not to be deceived, that people are falsely promoting the journey to collect money. Stay in Nigeria because the journey is like hell.

Hearing their distressing experiences, Prophet T.B. Joshua sent financial assistance in the amount of 200,000 naira for each of the deportees and prayed for their future success, in Christ Jesus.


At the entrance of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations 36 frayed Nigerians deported from Libya, including a few from Morocco, found refuge from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners who supported them with food and the sum of ₦1,350,000. The group explained that they had heard how T.B. Joshua had been helping deportees, so they immediately decided to rush to the church after their plane landed.

Many described their illegal journey and experience in the northern African nations as a horrible ordeal. “It was just like Hell” Mr. Joshua, the head speaker of the group exclaimed. “People are dying in Libya. They’re killing, destroying, and burning people also collecting their things.” He said. He described the dreadful occurrences saying, “They are doing human trafficking – selling humans like their selling goats and cows.”

Miss Yusuf, one of six women in the group, said. “They rape some girls while they sell some others. I was deported because I told my Madame I can’t work with her anymore, so she took me to prison.” She discouraged any of her fellow Nigerians from making the same illegal journey as she did. “I am happy to be back in my country.” She said.

“There can be no loving without giving.” – Prophet T.B. Joshua


“They left us in the desert for two months!”

On Saturday June 23, 2018 a group of 15 withered, battered and hungry Nigerian deportees from Algeria came to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) seeking refuge. Among them were men, woman, the elderly and children.

Mr Godwin Agu was a truck driver in Nigeria who left for Algeria to look for employment but struggled to find paying work. “After you work, they refuse to pay you money,” he cried. He, his wife and two Algerian-born children were suddenly deported after living in the country since 2013. “Police came, broke my door and took all my property, my money and even my babies’ clothes!” He then described in detail the long and difficult journey back to Nigeria they had been on since May 7, 2018. “They left us in the desert for two months!” he explained. “I was there to working for my family and I came back with nothing.” His wife, Ginika Agu said, “We went to Algeria for our future but it’s not what we thought. We lost many things and many people in the desert”.

Faith Oka was a hair stylist who left Nigeria on the tales of easy money in Algeria. “When we got there, it was really hard. We don’t have freedom like in Nigeria. They can take your property, attack you and rape you because they know you don’t have any documents”. She explained how she and her husband were separated after both being deported from the northern country. “I don’t know if anything has happened to him,” she cried.

After learning of their dilemma, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners quickly rushed to their aid, providing hot meals for the group along with foodstuffs entailing large bags of rice and the sum of ₦450,000 to help start their lives afresh in Nigeria.


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Prophet T.B. Joshua

“Anything the children of light have, satan has the counterfeit of them. We have the original grace but satan has the photocopy of it, which cannot stand the test of time. This is what Jesus meant when He said to His disciples, “My peace I give you, not as the world gives” (John 14:27). The blessing of God enriches the soul for eternity while that given by the world enriches the body temporarily. The blessing given by God is free – no condition attached; while that given by the world is conditional – that is, there are strings. The blessing of God does not need to be serviced. If we were to service the sun, rain, air and all other free gifts of God, how much do you think we would pay to get the air we breathe?

“Remember how much it costs you to look good in the eyes of the world. Remember how much it costs you to acquire your makeup kits. Sometimes you need to make costly sacrifice to service whatever blessing you receive from the world; God’s blessing does not add sorrow while that given by the world has sorrow attached (Psalm 37:25).

“Blessed is the man who follows the path of God – even in darkness, light shines, dawns for the upright. They are strong because they rely upon God for vindication, upholding, provision, stronghold, refuge and salvation. They persist in doing good, not allowing external pressure to change their conduct. If we make God our heart’s delight, we shall have our heart’s desire.

“The blessing of the world is a fading thing and so is the life itself on which it is bestowed. As the blessing is fading away, so is the life that carries it.”

– T.B. Joshua


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Prophet T.B. Joshua

The unpleasant situation you may be facing today is as a result of your hasty trust. Many have been duped by conmen (dishonest people) because they were too quick to trust. Many marriages end today in disappointment because the people involved are too quick to trust.

Come, let me encourage you! If a relationship or friendship must grow, it has to start in a weak form. What do I mean by, ‘weak form’? The Bible says, find out the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32). In the process of ‘finding out’ we are probing, investigating and making sure of all things in order to hold fast to that which is fine (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

A relationship that starts in this weak form usually becomes a successful one, a reliable one. But today, people no longer have the patience to go through this process. This shows that this is an impatient generation – fast food, microwaves, reflect this philosophy. Most businesses fail because of quick trust. Great businesses do not happen without trust, but your greatest mistakes will happen because of quick trust.

Each relationship nurtures a strength or a weakness within you. In other words, there are four kinds of people: those who add, those who multiply, those who subtract and those who divide. Each relationship would affect you for either good or bad. Choose your companions with care lest you become what they are (Proverbs 13:20).

Each relationship would either increase the good in you and thus reduce your weaknesses or increase your weakness and decrease your strength.


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Prophet T.B. Joshua

Some believers want to choose a few words out of the Bible and live by them. For example, they want to pick out healing and prosperity as their Scriptural foundations. Today, we hear some of us saying they are healing/ prosperity preachers – what portion of the Bible supports it? Today, we sign boards written, “Crusade, crusade or revival, revival, healing, prosperity and deliverance”, which we use to attract attendance. What portion of the Bible supports this? We like to pick out some bits and pieces from the Bible as our Scriptural foundations.

And often people who pick and choose the Scriptures they want to live by are not too eager to find Scriptures about holiness, consecration, evangelism, judgement and the love of God. However, faith and prosperity, holiness, consecration, evangelism, judgement and the love of God all work together to develop a mature spiritual man. All these areas enumerated come together to develop man spiritually.

This case of picking out only bits and pieces amounts to sketchy, half–knowledge which is dangerous – this is why people carry out dangerous missions. For example, we are not consistent in our doing because we never wait to hear from God before we say what we are saying, before we do what we are doing, before we go where we are going. We allow sense knowledge to rule us.

Our knowledge of the Bible must be broad and holistic. Don’t make the Bible say what you want to hear. Don’t bring in what you think you need to hear. This is about what God has to say to you. Respond to Him in dialogue. That means it is as much about listening as it is about speaking. Open your eyes and your heart to hear His voice. Singing praises, write your thoughts in a journal, dance or prostate yourself before Him. Pray. You can read and think and pray all day but unless you live in God’s Word as well, you will miss the point. The Word helps man walk with God, receive from God and fulfil God’s will on the earth.

Those people who choose the Scriptures they want to live by are not eager about such other areas as holiness, consecration, evangelism, judgement and the love of God. However, these other areas and the love of God work in concert to develop man spiritually. The Word helps man walk with God, receive from God and fulfil God’s will on earth. But all that they want is merely to receive from God. They often pray – ‘God, give me, give me…’ It is true the Word of God talks about receiving from God. However, we cannot give out to others until we ourselves have received something from God.

We cannot rely on bits and pieces from the Bible to develop into strong, mature Christians. We need the whole counsel of God – all the bits strung, fastened and laced together in our lives – for us to develop into a strong spiritual man. Faith is important to our spiritual development because the Bible urges us to live by faith (Romans 1:17). However, we must also live a life of love because faith works by love.

Sometimes it seems that people who are preoccupied with faith – who talk faith, claim to live faith and know faith – do not seem to have much love. They boast about their knowledge of the Bible. Knowing facts about God does not change our relationship with Him. Our relationship with Him can only change us when we have taken God’s Word to heart and truly made it part of us. It will by its very nature change us. But since faith works together with love to be effective, strong faith is impossible without love.


tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Many ministers, governors, presidents and other political leaders were once front-line members of certain churches before their assumption of office. I mean, at one time or the other, they were frequent in their pastor’s and prayer warrior’s houses. But today, how many of them would you see sitting among their former congregations the way they used to before assuming their new status? Those who do amongst them only sit to be seen, talk to be heard, walk to be noticed and give to be praised. This is not the purpose of blessing. But today our minds are so taken up with worldly considerations, that is, the lure and cares of the world that we have no time for the things of God.

We are so busy that we can no longer spend quality time with God. When we go to church for worship, we even time God, expecting the minister of God to plan his programme of activities to suit our own personal programmes. Otherwise, we are ready to leave the service earlier than necessary.

This is not the purpose of blessing. Blessing is meant to direct our focus on God, the Giver of the blessing and not to take our minds off Him. Unless care is taken, blessing usually takes one’s mind off his Creator; I mean, those who do not understand the purpose of their blessing are bound to have their mind, loyalty and time taken off their Creator. This is the most foolish thing to do.

There is need for caution; remember that blessing attracts friends and relations just as it gives you a new status, position and connections.

Do not be deceived. There are four categories of people in our life and these are:

  1. People that add to our lives by helping our faith to grow and bring us closer to God thereby.
  2. People that subtract from our lives by pulling us out of faith and removing our minds from the things of God.
  3. People that divide our lives by coming around you as parasites only to divert or derail our focus from God.
  4. People that multiply our lives by helping us to water the seed in your life for your future abundance.

Each relationship you have will either affect you positively or negatively.

Proverbs 13:20 says it all – ‘Keep company with the wise and you will become wise. If you make friends with stupid people you will be destroyed’.