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Prophet T.B. Joshua

It does not really matter what the world and its institutions have in opinion about God’s humble servant, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. We don’t really care since we are not of this world nor conformed to their ways other than, the things from above. Our senses of truth are not based on their laws and senses of judgment. Because here is the world that finds pleasure in worshiping and adoring sex idols or celebrity porn with fake body parts and ungodly lifestyle, yet delights in castigating men of God that proves the authenticity of God’s power, promote pure virtues, purity and the fear of God.

Despite the campaigns of calumny and the negative impressions that critics are trying to create out there about the life and ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, however, one thing is crystal clear, he has shown to be outstanding in his ministerial calling.

We would be revealing some of those extraordinary things that took place in the SCOAN which are issues of concern in the world today and has placed the elites in the state of bewilderment or they are still looking for their solutions. However, they are like breathing when they are brought forth to the feet of the Prophet of God.

  1. The Massive Transformative Healings of the Homosexuals: It is no longer news or big deal to SCOAN members and millions of Emmanuel.TV viewers worldwide that homosexuality is an infirmity that can be cured in SCOAN. For now, according to scientific records, there is no solution to homosexuality. It is also worth knowing that the bewildered elites who seem not to have a tangible explanation to the cause of homosexuality are trying to compel the world to accept it as normal even though common sense proves its abnormality. Today, countless homosexuals worldwide that are tired of their ill lifestyle are trooping into the SCOAN to get delivered. And it is on record that only in SCOAN homosexuals are being healed and transformed. We are calling on world leaders to partner with the Ministry of SCOAN to bring to stop for once the issue of Homosexuality. The world leaders cannot continue to pretend that all is well, there is a solution God has placed amongst us, let’s make judicious use of it.
  2. The Countless HIV/AIDs Healings: This is one of the most common illnesses that are consistently healed in the Ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua. Records have long-established that a good number of persons affected with this deadly virus that comes to SCOAN have been healed with confirmed medical records from Professional medical specialist and highly recognised and reputable hospitals after the patients encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Ministry. We would like World Health Organisation (WHO) to visit SCOAN to debunk these amazing records. It is a known fact that today medically, HIV/AIDs cannot be healed. Although, there are medicines usually recommended by medical doctors to patients affected with this deadly virus to manage the disease. SCOAN always advise patients to continue with their medication until confirmed totally healed by their medical doctors.  It is also worthy to note that divine healings of HIV/AIDs are not limited to the ministry of SCOAN; there are also stories from other bible believing churches were such healings has been alleged to have taken place.
  3. The astonish Marriage Reconciliation: The level of divorce in our society today is extremely alarming. The system of the world seems to encourage divorce among married couples than reconciliations. Due to the wrong orientation out there, that marriage reconciliation is tantamount to encourage couples to stay in “abusive marriage”. But Thank God for the Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. The Prophet has continued to be used by God to sustain the sacred institution of marriage. Marriages facing difficult challenges and including those that have already been legally declared divorce are being reconciled daily in the SCOAN. Divorce has never been the best solution to the crisis in Marriage. We encourage couples to always seek the face of God in Ministry like SCOAN before making a final decision in their matrimonial issues.
  4. The SCOAN Anointing Water: The efficacy of the SCOAN Anointing water in providing solutions to the myriad of world problems cannot be overemphasised. It is on record that the anointing water is one of the most sought after commodity. People from far and wide troop to the SCOAN just to get hold of the Anointing water. God have continued to do great wonders beyond human imagination or comprehension, by the medium of the SCOAN Anointing water.The Ebola Virus disease case comes to mind. Though there was strict resistance by the world institutions in using the Anointing water to cure and put to stop the outbreak of Ebola Virus in the nation of Sierra Leone. With the claim that there is no scientific prove that the Anointing water can cure the alleged incurable disease, Ebola. But thank God for medical personnel with the fear of God, who allowed the Anointing water to be ministered in a part of the affected region, because of their belief in God’s supremacy over the opinion of any scientist. Uncut records from government sources show that the South-East region in Sierra Leone, where the people of God were allowed to administer the anointing water recorded no new case of the deadly virus.

In the light of the above amongst many, which God has been doing in through the life and Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, it is disturbing and out of place to know that the Prophet remains one of the most persecuted servants of God on earth. Anyway, it does not really matter. In fact, these are what confirmed the source of his power and genuineness. Even Christ Jesus, the king of Glory faced similar persecutions when He was on Earth.


Tb Joshua Ecuador Relief Materials

Cargo Plane Loading Relief Materials

Relief MaterialsOn April 16th 2016, the nation, Ecuador was hit by a colossal earthquake of magnitude 7.8. The severity of the disaster reverberated throughout the entire country, leaving at least 500 dead and 27,500 injured. Moved by the plight of Ecuadorians, T.B. Joshua – Founder of Emmanuel TV – sent a relief team to Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador and dispatched a Boeing 727 Cargo Plane, which contained 20 tons of relief hygiene materials, perishable, and non-perishable food stuff.

Upon arrival, the relief and aid supplies were received by representatives of the Minister of Defense on behalf of the people of Ecuador. The Armed Forces of Ecuador loaded the aid into army trucks and transported to the Emmanuel TV Operations Center, situated close to Esmeraldas City. The supplies were offloaded, repackaged, and distributed to various shelter camps in the Esmeraldas Province.

Tb Joshua Ecuador Relief Materials

Reporting Cargo Plane Loading Relief Materials

Beneficiaries Ecuador Relief MaterialsThe Emmanuel TV Team also extended its relief efforts to a remote village, Chachi de San Salvador, which had also been gravely affected by the quake in the areas of access to clean water and the destruction of its local school. In response to this particular community’s needs, the Team supplied the community with equipment that converts river and unclean water into potable water. The Team is also undergoing a school construction project – at a cost of US$262,000 – to rebuild the entire school complex that was destroyed. The reconstructed school will provide learning facilities for 350 students.

Ecuador Relief MaterialsThe people of Ecuador, as well as its Government, continue to express their gratitude for the Emmanuel TV Ecuador Relief efforts. A grateful beneficiary, from the Chachi community, said: “This is the first aid we have received from another country”. The relief efforts have aided over 5,000 Ecuadorians, totaling over half a million US Dollars.

About Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel TV Team

Emmanuel TV Team in Ecuador

Emmanuel TV is an international TV Station and NGO, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded by T.B. Joshua, a philanthropist, who has been responding to individual and societal needs across the world. Emmanuel TV has been providing food aid to poor communities in Colorado, USA; promoting women’s rights by providing funds to widows to start small businesses; building a school in Lahore, Pakistan and granting international scholarships – these are among a fraction of its practices. Such humanitarian endeavors are its strides to achieving the international community’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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SOURCE: Emmanuel TV

T.B. Joshua: 2015 is ‘the year of good morning’

Prophet T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua

At a candle light vigil service held to usher in the New Year 2015 at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua declared 2015 to be ‘the year of good morning’.

In the energetic service broadcast live on Christian television station Emmanuel TV, Joshua admonished congregants on the need to ‘worship God in Spirit’ in a sermon titled, ‘Discovering your real value’.

“Christianity lies in the heart,” he told the multitude of worshippers, adding that merely observing religious ceremonies does not signify genuine Christianity.

The crowds, including a huge array of foreign guests sporadically waving their national flags, thronged every available space within the sprawling church complex, even spilling onto the adjoining roads.

“If you are expecting a New Year, you must be pure in heart,” he stressed, reminding the faithful of Jesus Christ’s words in Matthew 5:8. “If not, the troubled year of 2014 will continue in 2015,” he warned.

Although Joshua uncharacteristically did not give his yearly prediction, his message conveyed that the troubles witnessed worldwide throughout 2014 would persist in 2015 but genuine Christians would grow stronger through them.

“No matter what this coming year brings, if you are more of God, your trials are the soil in which your faith will flourish,” he enjoined the congregation.

He stressed that the freedom the Bible speaks of in John 8:36 is spiritual not physical, insisting that a ‘free spirit,’ was needed for Christians to enjoy peace throughout 2015. “This liberation of your spirit is all you need to have the best year,” he stated.

“You just need a Word from God to change the course of your life,” Joshua continued. “God said I should give you the Word – Good Morning! Instead of saying ‘Happy New Year’, say ‘Good Morning’. 2014 was the afternoon but now we are going to the morning. This Word is anointed.”

The cleric revealed that from henceforth, irrespective of the actual time of the day, Christians should maintain the greeting, ‘Good morning’, insisting that a spiritual blessing was attached to such proclamation.

As Joshua led the congregation in prayers, lights were dimmed and candles lit throughout the auditorium.

“Joy comes in the morning. Open your lips and begin to decree this joy to your life,” Joshua instructed the congregation.

He then led them in a heartfelt declaration, “My heart is Heaven! Good Morning my destiny, health, business, family, marriage – live in the morning throughout 2015!”

Among the nearly 2,000 foreign guests in attendance at the ‘crossover service’ were 44 family members of those who tragically died when a building collapsed within the church compound on September 12th 2014.

Earlier in the day, Joshua had called on his Facebook followers to submit their prayer requests for 2015; almost 100,000 responses were posted in a matter of hours.

Ihechukwu Njoku, freelance Nigerian journalist


Don’t blame T.B. Joshua; investigate ‘strange aircraft’ – South African survivor

image124South African eye-witness, Anthony Van Der Byl, who was at the scene when the Synagogue building collapsed, has warned that people should not blame the leader of the church, T.B Joshua, for the incident but rather, they should investigate the “strange aircraft” which was captured hovering around the building.

Van Der Byl, made these comments via a telephone interview on Channels Television’s Saturday breakfast programme.

The Founder and General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Temitope B. Joshua, had linked the collapse of the six storey building within the premises of the church headquarters in Lagos, to a “strange aircraft”, which he said hovered around the building before it collapsed.

Byl, who lost his wife to the accident, narrated the events leading to the collapse, noting that there was no warning that such a thing would happen.

According to him, he and his wife had been about to eat lunch, before the building collapsed.

“We were in the dining room on the ground floor; As we were talking, all of a sudden, I just noticed that the walls on the opposite side broke out.

“It just took about three seconds and then the whole building came on top of us.”

He noted that there was no warning as the entire building came crashing down.

None of the pillars had broken off and the building did not tilt to any side.

“Many people all over the world, even the reports in South Africa are trying to point fingers at the structure (the building, how it was built, what material was being used, the building)”, he said, adding that he had seen the materials used in building the structure, before the collapse.

“It was top quality material, including the steel”, he insisted, stating that “no one of the news reporters is talking about the footage, that’s been sent to them by the Prophet, on the plane that was hovering around, flying very low.

“No one is talking about that plane”, he argued, urging the public to “stop putting the blame on the prophet.”

He further claimed that the building collapsed as though dynamites had been placed at all corners of the building and detonated.

Byl, who was discharged from the hospital on Sunday, noted that he was yet to see his wife’s corpse as the search process and the different mortuaries was “tormenting”.

According to him, DNA experts from South Africa were working to identify his wife and the other bodies.

He, however, noted that he had been miraculously healed by T.B Joshua who had touched all his wounds.

“A miracle happened. My wounds instantly healed by the power of God”, he said.



From time immemorial, there have been concerted efforts to prove to the world of the non-existence of God, faith was equated with irrationality and was seen as a chain the enlightened man needed to lose himself from.

In the name of enlightenment, many scholars around the world were influenced by the master deceiver to narrow reality, knowledge and truism to man made theories, Science, statistics and empirical analysis that are feasible and imaginable to human reasons. Whereas all those things are one aspect of truth that are vital to human existence but are not what made up existences itself.

With these human limitations about the truth of existence, creation and God, the devil, whose mastery of deception is legendary, has continued to blindfold the senses of mankind against the hidden truth of the invisible world that is beyond human perception. Though Mankind is advancing in discoveries as permitted by time, the human world has continued to lag behind in those knowledge that are vital to its existence as living creatures and because of this, the master deceiver has continued to take total control of the human world.

Anti- Faith Philosophers and T.B. Joshua’s Philosophy

Many philosophers have argued in the past of the non existence of God, we were made to accept the fact that God’s existence was based on human imagination and as modern civilization evolves with time, ‘Faith’ will cease to exist and the coming civilized world will embrace rational thinking and do away with faith (The Free World). Ironically, most of the proponents of this diluted truth live their lives under the torment and control of demons but are not bold enough to say this publicly.

The world needs to realize that there is a thin line between human reason and reality. Not all truth are sensible or reasonable to canal knowledge and this is why God has continued to use the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, to expose His kingdom to those who want to gain knowledge about the hidden truth of the universe. Don’t be deceived, the devil wants mankind to remain ignorant about the things which are beyond our perception, he is working tirelessly to distract man’s attention against that which is vital to his existence. Know that theirs, is a world that is invisible to ours, our world is simply a projector of what has been established in the spirit realm, that is, ‘the invisible world’.

These ill propositions about Faith and God are from the pit of hell to divert man’s belief about the creator. It is vital to know that Faith will only cease after existence ceases. For as surely as there is existence, God will continue to prove Himself to the world. The creator will continue to gather for himself a generation of spiritual worshipers, a generation that will always bring forth the fruit of His kingdom.

God and Sciences

Today, many in the world appreciate the created than the Creator. God created science, but now, science is being held in high esteem than the Creator. Thus, it is common knowledge that Science has proven its own limits. There are diverse critical issues beyond the human psychological, neuroscientists and medical expertise around the world, which until date, beyond reasonable doubts; the broad scientific field is still incapacitated to proffer a concrete solution to. What these medical sciences cannot do, just a drop of the ‘anointing water’ can do effectively. There are different diseases around the world that medical scientists’ are still carrying out tactful research on its antidotes till date. ‘Faith healing’ which the unbelieving world classified as irrational, has been a medium where countless number of these terrible diseases are being healed today. Despite the fact that there have being several critics, plots and misconceptions to discredit it. Faith healing in SCOAN has being proven to be more effective than medical healing. Is it the recent world debate on homosexuality? Some so called scientists’ are claiming to prove to the world that there is a gene for homosexuality, but God has used T.B. Joshua’s ministry to prove to the world that by Faith, the anomaly of homosexuality can be cured.

Even when this mystery of truth is being revealed to the world, many still believe that all these revelations backed up with redemption are taking the world back to the Stone Age. The question is among ‘cognitive reasoning’ and ‘Faith in God’ who is really now taking the world back to archaic period of barbarism and disorderliness. The master deceiver has succeeded in hiding under our reasoning faculties to influence our way of life and beliefs. This influence of the devil has made many to lose total control over themselves and these are the reasons many now see their own kind and other lower animals as sex partners; nudity is now publicly celebrated, moral value is diminishing in our society. Is this what rational man and modern civilization is all about? To lose total control of the self and remain ignorant about those forces that are using us against our will? I don’t think so.

Watch Video T.B Joshua Releases On Full Boko Haram Deliverance

On the 9th of March 2014, a Boko Haram member, one out of a gang of five, confessed to the congregation at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), and the world live via emmauel.tv, of how their plan to bomb the Church (SCOAN) failed.

Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for Mustapha

Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for Mustapha

SCOAN has since released the video of the full deliverance session. The video, which was released yesterday morning (Mar 15, 2014) via Emmanuel TV’s account on YouTube gives a detailed confession of the ‘Boko Haram member, Mustapha as well as showing prophet TB Joshua praying for him, casting and driving out the evil spirit.

The video which was posted just yesterday has gone viral

Watch video below

TB Joshua Prophecy-Malaysian plane in between Indonesia Sea and India Ocean!


In today’s prophetic service, 15th march,2014. Prophet T.B. Joshua once again talked about the missing Malaysian plane. Prophet T.B Joshua said that the missing plane is in between the sea of Indonesia and India Ocean. He then asked those searching for the plane to go deep inside the ocean and that the plane is still beneath the ocean because it is being held by an object.

Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport just after midnight on Saturday and it has since disappeared which has left investigators, aviation experts and other authorities in several countries at a loss to explain what happened. There were 239 people on-board; the airline authorities said it did not receive any distress messages or emergency signals from the pilot before it “disappeared off the radar.”

The man of God had earlier indicated that ‘the plane concerned is deep inside the sea’ and he also confirmed that there where strange people inside the plane and the pilot confronted a situation he could not handle as a result, the plane was diverted and communication was lost. Since, there was not enough fuel the plane crashed into the sea.

He however sent a word of consolation to the families of the passengers and added that “the whole thing has come to an end; they will discover the plane; particles, and everything will end any moment from now. This coming week, we are not going to talk about it again and the families will know their fate”.